Game of Thrones : Fire and Blood

It has to be said that the first series really ended properly with the death of Ned Stark with the last episode buttering up the audience for the second series.

With Ned dead, Joffrey starts lording it over his subjects in particular Sansa who he takes a perverse delight in taking Sansa up the castle walls showing her the head of her father just to show how big and clever and powerful that he now is, or at least believes he is, not that his mother would let him wield that sort of power if she can help it of course. Sansa came close to pushing Joffrey to his death in this episode but wasn’t quite able to put her plan into action, mores the pity.

At the news of his father’s death Robb starts hacking at a tree with sword saying that the wants to kill every Lannister and Catelyn says that he can once they have rescued his sisters. Catelyn visits Jamie Lannister who taunts her and tries to come onto her saying that widowhood suits her and that he is unlikely to be harmed considering that his sister has both of Catelyn’s daughters held captive or so they believe.

He also admits to pushing Bran off the tower but doesn’t elaborate on why, although I think that we can guess why after what Bran saw, but this makes Catelyn hate him even more than she did before, which is saying something. There is something just so horrible about Jamie Lannister, he really is a nasty piece of work, but he is nothing compared to his father.

Tywin Lannister decides to momentarily retreat after the news that both Stannis and Renly Baratheon have both claimed the Iron Throne which means that they will now be fighting both the Starks and the brothers Baratheon for the throne, which will make the job of claiming power harder for them, and hard work is not something that they are used to, or would feel necessary for them.

He also decides to send Tyrion to be the Hand of the King in his stead, knowing full well what that would do to Cersei who wouldn’t be very happy at all, not that Tywin is that bothered about if his children are happy or not.

Daenerys wakes up to find that her son had been born dead, and had been covered in scales, but that Drogo lives. When she goes to see him she finds that he is in a vegetative state. The witch says that she has now had her revenge on the Dothraki through this.

Jon decides to leave Castle Black to join up with Robb to avenge his father’s death, but is followed by Sam and two others of their new friends who tell him that he knew what the penalty for being found to be a deserter from the wall would be and that they wouldn’t want him to suffer that fate, and that he wouldn’t either. They take him back and the Lord Commander says that this sort of thing happened and that if they killed every person who had tried to run away then they would have no men left.

Daenerys tends to Drogo for a while and tries to get him to respond to her but he doesn’t and she realises that he never this breaks her heart and she smothers him with a pillow.

Arya is now part of band of new recruits heading for the Wall and has to go by the name of Arry, which she does remarkably well, even if she doesn’t even look the slightest bit like a boy, even with the short hair.

Daenerys and some others prepare a funeral pyre for Drogo and allow some of the slaves to remain with her as equals or to go if they please, most of them decided to go. She places the dragon eggs on the pyre and also the women she had saved who had caused the death of her unborn child, sets fire to pyre and calmly walks into it.

When the fire has died down Daenerys is found naked and covered in ash with three freshly hatched baby Dragons crawling over her.

So, the series ended with dragons returned to Westeros, and lots of people now claiming the throne as theirs.

The second series is going to be very interesting indeed.