Men Behaving Badly Series 2

The second series of Men Behaving Badly began with Gary getting a postcard from Dermot stating that he has fallen in love with a croupier, named Laetitia, whilst on holiday and was not coming back. The first episode was about Gary trying to find a new flatmate. In amongst all of the strange people that he did see as a potential new flatmate (including a cameo by writer Simon Nye as a man appeared to be in a catatonic state) was Tony Smart, a second hand record seller, whom both Dorothy and Deborah immediately took a shine too.

Tony took the flat and as it turned out he wasn’t that much different to Dermot and shared many of his characteristics. Tony and Gary soon became firm friends and it was business as usual in the flat. Tony is a much more endearing and likable characters than Dermot was and even though he does do some rather stupid and sometimes hurtful things to other people he can just about get away with it because he is so nice and likable. He makes a beeline for Deborah straight away and she responds much quicker than she did with Dermot but she soon realises that he is not that much different from Dermot and is only after one thing and is actually a damn sight more persistent than Dermot was either.

In this series alone he pretends to speak German when Deborah mentions that she has a German letter that she wanted translating, dumps more than one girl by saying that he has moved in with Deborah. He manages to take her on a date in the fourth episode and they start to get a bit hot and heavy and then when she leaves after telling him that he is only after one thing he is trying to patch things up with one of the girls that he dumped earlier on in the series. It isn’t very nice to either Deborah or to the other women but Tony gets away with it (just).

George and Althea return as Gary’s perpetually put upon staff with George getting some great lines as does Les the barman in the local pub. There is a new recurring character in this series in the shape Neville of a friend of Tony’s who runs the stall opposite him who was a roadie back in the seventies with some interesting and tall stories to tell.

Gary is the same as usual putting down both Dorothy and his staff at work, although Dorothy gives as good as she gets and always gets the better of him, not that he thinks that she has mind you, and trying to impress Deborah, often in front of Dorothy’s face. It is a wonder why she stays with him most of the time, the way that he treats her. If I treated my wife the way Gary does she would have left me by now.

This series was much more assured that the first, and the chemistry between Clunes and Morrissey was much stronger and realistic than it appeared to be from the first series at least and they just seemed to be better suited to each other in every way.