Game of Thrones : The North Remembers

The episode begins with Joffrey being his usual beastly self and enjoying watching a duel in his honour. Tyrion arrives in Kings Landing and immediately offers his condolences to Sansa on the death of her father which pissed off Joffrey so he stared at her until she said that her father and her brother are both traitor and that Joffrey is the one true king. This placated him for a while at least but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Tyrion that she really believes otherwise and he chastises Joffrey as he also has lost his father, not that Joffrey is that bothered about that, the little shit.

He turns up to a meeting of the small council where they are discussing the end of the summer, which had been the longest in living memory, and the upcoming winter, stating that they have enough provisions for a five year winter but no more. Cersei is shocked by his presence, expecting her father, and is not at all happy with her father for sending Tyrion in his place, as well as for being called inept by Tyrion for managing to lose Arya. Tyrion finds it amusing that for the first time in her life Cersei is now actually the disappoint child of the Lannister clan, and Cersei certainly does not find it amusing in the slightest. Arya herself in the care of Yoren who is going to take her to safety as a member of the Night’s Watch along with one of Robert Baratheon’s bastard sons, Gendry.

Jon and the members of the Night’s Watch are making their way through the haunted forest and come across a wooden hall which is called Craster’s Keep. The person who is in charge of the place is named Craster and he has many daughters, who are also his wives, but no sons it would seem. The Lord Commander questions Craster about Benjen Stark who had apparently planned to stay with on one of his journeys but Craster says that he has not seen him for years.

On the island of Dragonstone, Stannis Baratheon is seen to be under the spell of a priestess called Melisandre who worships a different god from the one usually worshipped in Westeros. Even some of Stannis’ long serving men are unable to trust this woman, but she seems to have him, and plenty of others, totally under her spell and woe betide anyone who tries to discredit her, as poor old Maester Cressen who tries to poison her but ends up drinking the poison himself.

Stannis states his claim for the Iron Throne is due the illegitimacy of Joffrey, in a letter, which he orders copies to send to all corners of the realm. Some of his counsellors suggest that he join forces with his younger brother Renly against the Lannisters who are their true enemies but Stannis refuses to make peace with his brother as long as he also makes a claim to the throne.

Theon managed to persuade Robb to let him return home so that he can ask his father to join with him so that he can take Kings Landing, which he will have to do to truly win the war. Catelyn is not sure that this is a good idea after the relationship between Ned and Theon’s father Balon Grejoy and ends up being sent herself as an envoy to negotiate with Renly for extra troops. She is not at all happy with this arrangement.

Joffrey is now starting to hear the rumours about his parentage, and confronts his mother who tells him that people will say anything to strengthen their claim to the throne which annoys him as he says that the throne is his by right and is not a claim of any kind just like the spoiled brat that he is. He also questions Cersei about the illegitimate children that Robert is supposed to have fathered and that is why Cersei decides to have them all killed so that there are no other pretenders to the throne.

The second season begins as the first season ended and it is going to be interesting to see how the different claims to the throne go. Stannis is an interesting character and is very different to Robert, but it is priestess Melisandre who looks like to be the most interesting of all the characters introduced in this episode alongside Davos Seaworth, a former smuggler who is one of Stannis most trusted advisors.