In Return From Mars we find out what happened to the remains of the Martian fleet after the invasion of Earth was foiled in The World in Peril. The play opened with the crew of the discovery attempting to contact control only to discover that the control that they were looking for was not there!

When they did finally land on the Earth they are taken to a secured location much to their disgust to discover that they had returned to the year 2026 and that they were missing presumed dead after they failed to return from the mission to Mars.

When asked what they had been doing for the past fifty years considering that they didn’t appear to look a day older than images of them from the time of the final mission Doc gets his diary and we learn what happened to them in the interim between starting to go home and arriving on the Earth more than fifty years later.

It appears that they were dragged off course after being accelerated to a great speed and finding themselves in the vicinity of a planet which looked very different from the Earth with only enough fuel to land. The planet they land on turns out to be a utopian society where only the beautiful are allowed to live, and procreate, and there is an underclass living underground who are the opposite of the main people who live on this planet.

This play starts of quite well with the fact that they have ended up more than fifty years in the future from the original stories and it was quite interesting about the new planet they landed on for a little while but there just seemed to be something missing from this productions compared to the original series.

Ed Bishop was good as Doc but the rest of the cast just weren’t up to scratch for me and just didn’t sound right, particularily Lemmy who sounded quite a lot like Frank Spencer.

Most bizarre of all was the subplot where Jet fell in love with one of the natives, which just seemed tacked on without much thought. I just didn’t buy it for an instant.

After listening to the first three adventures and this one back to back I would have to say that this was quite disappointing and wouldn’t have been taken back to the original series after listening to this play.