Game of Thrones : The Night Lands

In the second episode of series two, the small council at Kings Landing receives King Robb’s peace terms and rip them up in disgust after reading them and realising what he is asking for which is far more than they would ever part with. Tyrion tries to get her to at least send the remains of Ned Stark back to Winterfell.

Tyrion discovers Varys making friends with Shae his whore whom his father had forbade him to bring to Kings Landing, which doesn’t sit well with him as you can never tell if you can trust Varys. He also exiles the city watch commander for not saying who ordered the killing of King Robert’s bastard children. He later discovers that it was Joffrey who gave this order and not his sister as he naturally assumed it would be.

Davos Seaworth persuades a pirate friend of his, Salladhor, to join them in the fight against the Lannister and promises him that he can take Kings Landing for everything that it has got but the pirate only had one conquest in mind, Cersei herself. Davos tells Stannis that that he has strengthened their army. Melisandre throws herself at Stannis promising him a son, which his wife has never been able to give him, if he will fully embrace the new god, who does like a rat up a drainpipe; as well you might when an attractive woman strips herself naked in front of you and gives you the come one.

Theon returns to the Iron Islands but does not get the hero’s welcome he was expecting. He finds out much to his disgust that this younger sister is now considered the true heir to the Iron Islands, and that he also tried to cop of with his own sister, when he didn’t realise that she was his sister. I get the impression that his sister recognised him but didn’t let on until after the fact to humiliate Theon further. His father, Balon, barely recognises him as he points out that Ned Stark had him for longer than he did, and openly mocks Theon which doesn’t do much for his manly pride, and makes him even more determined to get the throne than before as Theon only thinks that woman are good for one thing, and it certainly isn’t ruling a kingdom.

The party heading for the wall are stopped by two men from Kings Landing searching for Gendry but they are turned away by Yoren who threatens them with their lives if they return. Gendry also tells Arya that he knows that she is a girl even if none of the others realised it, and she tells him of her true identity as well.

Sam can’t help himself and helps one of Crasters daughter/wives when she is confronted by Jon’s direwolf and promises her that he will try and take her away from the place after she reveals that she is pregnant and scared for the life of her baby if it were born male. Jon refuses to allow Sam to bring the daughter wife with them after reminding him of their promise to Craster but it gets him thinking. Later on he spots Craster taking a newborn child into the woods. He see him leave the child in the woods and then spots a white walker retrieve the baby only to be attacked by Craster who has realised that he was being watched and knocked unconscious.

I like the way how the series is starting to open out now, and is not just about the events in Winterfell and Kings Landing, and we have the new stuff featuring Stannis and the intriguing Melisandre with her new god which an awful lot of people in Dragonstone are now starting to worship and in this episode she seems to have Stannis under her spell. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes. The introduction of the Iron Islands is also interesting and we have a new character in the shape of Theon’s younger sister who looks like she is going to be a bit of a handful for him in the upcoming episodes.

It is all looking very good indeed.