The third series of Men Behaving Badly was the first series broadcast on the BBC and due to its later time slot the show was a little bit rowdier and smuttier than it was before. This is my favourite series so far and there were some really funny episodes in this particular run.

Bed which is set over the course on one night with Deborah persuading Tony to mend the broken fence in their shared garden, which he has been ignoring all for a long time, which he does despite the weather with hilarious consequences. Dorothy falls ill and gets Gary to go to an all night chemist for her but when he gets there he realises that he has lost his wallet, and then his car keys.

Lovers is about a conversation that Tony and Gary have about the number of women that they have slept with, which causes Gary to wildly exaggerate his, after hearing about Tony’s tally. It is amusing when Dorothy asks him to prove it.

In Casualties Gary ends up causing George to have an injury at work when he has been keeping boxes in the office to save the money on the storage and ends up lying to Dorothy about what happened, despite the fact that she has already told him that if he doesn’t stop lying then she will leave him. Deborah also tells them that she is thinking of selling her flat and cue lots of entertaining ways to put off potential buyers of the flat including a young Catherine Tate.

In Weekend, Gary and Dorothy go on a romantic weekend trip and leave Tony alone in the flat, which doesn’t go well, especially for Gary’s fish.

Cleaning Lady sees the boys getting in a cleaner for the flat only for Gary to make up stories about the cleaner being horrible, when she turns out to be an attractive young woman. Tony has turned to modelling in order to impress Deborah and, when he meets the cleaner, he to tries to user her to make Deborah jealous by pretending that she is his new girlfriend.

In the final episode of the series Gary drunkenly proposes to Dorothy who accepts and lets Gary stew while he tries to make himself into a unmarriable person but who gets put out when she tells him that she doesn’t want to marry him and when he tries to persuade her that actually he is rather a good catch, she agrees to marry him.