Doctor Who : Aliens of London

This episode begins with the Doctor bringing Rose back home, and telling her that despite all of their adventures they have only been gone for a mere 12 hours from everyone else’s point of view. Rose decides to tell her mother that she has stayed over at a friend’s house for the night but is shocked to see the look on her mother’s face when she goes into the house. If she didn’t know any better she would have sworn that her mother had seen a ghost or something like it. The Doctor then turns up and tells her that it hasn’t been twelve hours, rather twelve months.

The daft thing is that Rose isn’t really that arsed that she has been effectively missing for an entire year as for her it has only been a couple of days and she just cannot understand people’s reactions to the situation.

This is something that was never really been dealt with before in the series: the effect of the Doctor taking a travelling companion to those all around them mainly because the other characters never seemed to have lives and people they cared out about before, or at least not that were mentioned.

It does beg the question about what happened to Ian and Barbara when they returned to the Earth more than three years after they seemingly vanished. I am pretty sure that would have some massive consequences for both of them, not just in their jobs either.

With Rose it is mainly her mother, and Mickey, but it is a damn sight more than any other companion had. Although you do feel sorry for Jackie as she really did believe that her only daughter was dead it is Mickey who came of worst of all with being considered as a suspect in a murder and kidnap which he could never have been proved to have done.

As we know from real life accusations mud sticks, even when people are proved to be innocent, so the poor guys life must have been a misery for the past year and again Rose really doesn’t give a fig as she has been enjoying herself. Even the Doctor doesn’t think about it at first, but then again he isn’t human, so he wouldn’t consider it, but he is not stupid and, probably for the first time ever realises that when he does what he does that there are other people left behind.

Then out of the blue a UFO shoots through the sky above the Doctor and Rose’s head and lands slap bang in the middle of the Thames, not before crashing through Big Ben in a very impressive piece of visual effects and the story itself actually happens.

With this crash the whole of the Earth is in panic mode and the prime minister has gone missing so a new interim prime minister is put into place. He first appears sweating and farting like nobody’s business and which is the first sign that not everything is as it should be. A body is found in the crashed spaceship which turns out to be a pig in a space suit.

Jackie sees an appeal of telly for anyone to ring in if they had seen anything alienand so she rings in telling them that she had seen the Doctor and his TARDIS which then caused the Doctor to be rounded up by the authorties and taken to 10 Downing Street where an emergency meeting was being held. When there the truth becomes known as the aliens unmask themselves as 8 feet tall green aliens with large claws who are stuffed into human body suits and that the farting is a symptom of them being shrank down enough to fit into the bodies that they had adopted as disguises.

It was nice to finally see a cliffhanger in the new series of the first time in four episodes. As an added bonus we got three cliffhanger for the price of one as the Doctor, Rose, Mickey and Jackie each had their own similiar cliffhanger, which I thought was a nice little touch.

There was a lot of enjoy in this first episode, of the very first two part story in the new series, and hope were high for the continuation of the story the following week.