Doctor Who : Dalek

This episode began with the TARDIS being drawn of course by an unknown signal landing them in darkened room somewhere in Utah, North America, sometime in 2012 (which Rose thinks is a bit wierd as she should be the grand old age of 26 by then). Lights come on and they find themselves in what looks like a museum which contains stuff from the Roswell space craft, a Slitheen hand and the head of a Cybermen with the tear drop eyes.

The Cybermen isn’t named in the episode but is a nice nod to the fans who will recognise it whilst the new viewers will just know it as a former enemy of the Doctors and leave it at that. We don’t see much more than that in the museum but it is safe to say that there is a lot more exhibits from the Doctor’s past. Personally I was hoping to see a Kroton or a Mechanoid, but it wasn’t to be, more’s the pity.

They are soon captured by surprising looking military type guards for a museum and taken up to the meet the owner of the museum a Henry Van Statten who apparently owns the internet, although he doesn’t like to talk about it and has a prize exhibit, which the only live item in the whole museum. He calls it a Metaltron, as it isn’t exactly very talkative and won’t tell him its actual name. The Doctor who calls himself an expert is locked in a room with the Metaltron and Van Statten orders them not to let him out until he discovers the true identity of the exhibit.

The Doctor introduces himself and soon realises what the exhibit is and realises that he is trapped in a room with one of the greatest killing machines that ever existed in the entire universe, a Dalek, and understandably wants to get out of the room sharpish. When the Dalek shouts exterminate and nothing happens the Doctor soon realises that he isn’t in any danger at all and cannot help himself but gloat and shout and scream at the Dalek, something, I am sure, he has wanted to do for hundreds of years and Eccleston really sells the relief the Doctor feels at the Dalek being incapacitated and the gloating feeling he gets when the Dalek is about as much danger as an ordinary pepperpot.

We get to hear a bit more about the time war that took place between the Time Lords and the Daleks and we find out the the Dalek in question had managed to fall through time and then crash landed onto the Earth sometime the late 1950s or early 60’s, before passing from collector to collector before being purchased by Van Statten and ending up hundred of feet below Utah.

However once the relief wears of the Doctor realises that at the end of the day this is a Dalek and it is a killing machine and that if it gets out it is going to cause a lot of slaughter and understandably tries to kill the Doctor there and there in the cell but is stopped by Van Statten’s guards, as he doesn’t want the Dalek to be damaged and, now knowing that the Doctor is also alien decides to tie him up and find out a bit more about him. This is my wife’s favourite bit of the episode as it features a topless Christopher Eccleston and this is a scene she can watch over and over again. To be honest it is a good scene, but that is not the reason why she likes it!

Rose who has at that point been separated from the Doctor and put into the care of Adam a bit of a geek who takes a instant shine to her (although to be fair he would have taken a bit of a shine to anything even remotely female) and she flirts with him a little bit and he ends up hacking into the security system and they witness the Dalek being tortured by a member of Van Statten’s teams, which immediately pisses of Rose who goes down to try and stop it.

When they get there the Dalek has stopped being tortured and she talks to it in another great scene where Rose stands head to head with the Daleks without any fear. She touches the Dalek and then the shit hits the proverbial fan and the Dalek starts to revert to its normal state of being, regenerating itself by extrapolation the dna of a time traveller (apparently) and then proceeding to try and kill as many people in the bunker as it could on its way to the surface.

We even had a Dalek vs a flight of stairs joke which was a bit odd as seventeen years previously a Dalek had been able to travel up a set of stairs which did take the sting out the scene a bit, but only if you had seen that particular episode I guess.

The most impressive thing about this whole episode for me was that it made me feel sorry for a Dalek, and I think the Doctor did a bit as well. Who would have thought that would ever happen?