The 2014 World Cup in Brazil began much like the 1950 World Cup, also held in Brazil, with a win for Brazil against Croatia by 3 goals to 1.

The win wasn’t quite as comprehensive as their 4-0 triumph against Mexico in 1950 but they now have 3 points on the table and Neymar, who is expected to be a start of the tournament, has 2 goals already.

It didn’t start that well for Brazil with Marcelo putting the ball into his own net after the softest of shots from Jelavic, which was going nowhere near the goal.

Brazil equalised with a goal from Neymar which, although not very flashy, was a decent enough goal.

The second Brazilian goal though was from the softest penalty ever given after Fred was allegedly fouled in the penalty area, although he more sort of fell than was hacked down, and probably shouldn’t have been give, but Neymar who did a jinky little run on the way to the penalty spot put the penalty away with aplomb. The Croatian keeper nearly had it though so it wasn’t as cut and dried as it could have been.

Croatia never looked that far away from Brazil and after Julio Cesar made a great save from a Croatia attack Brazil went and put a third past the unlucky Croatian keeper from Oscar which was very similar to the first goal by Neymar.

It was to late for Croatia to respond but the scoreline did rather flatter Brazil who were not two goals better than the Croatians and did look quite shaky at times.

In the end though, they prevailed, and came out the victors which is all that people will remember in the years to come, but Croatia were very unlucky for me and probably deserved a point after the effort they put in tonight!