Brazil were very lucky to beat Chile in the first of the round of 16 matches. They took the lead from a deflected shot by David Luiz and Sanchez equalised minutes later. Brazil didn’t outplay Chile by any means and only the crossbar prevented them from being knocked out right at the last. They did however manage to score more penalties than Chile which saw the always entertaining Chile knocked out and the so-so Brazil through to the last eight.

Columbia on the other hand totally outplayed the Suarezless Uruguay and scored two fine goals both from James Rodriguez to easily win the tie as Uruguay never looked liked scoring.

Mexico were minutes away from knocking out the Netherlands in their tie but a late goal and a last second penalty saw Netherlands prevail and plucky Mexico knocked out. I really felt for Chile as their keeper had a superb game and they did well to stop the Netherlands for the majority of the game. It is just a shame that they couldn’t keep it up for the full 90 minutes.

Costa Rica made history by defeating Greece on penalties to go through to the last eight but it was a bit hit and miss at the end as Greece had numerous shots to try and put the game out of Costa Rica’s reach, which might have happened if it were not for the heroics of the Costa Rican keeper or the fact that Greek strikers couldn’t hit a barn door from about a centimetre away! Costa Rica deserved the win more than Greece would have done, so we got the right result for the game here!