The final two games in the round of 16 both ended in extra time and both were completed before penalties were required, which is the best way forward, as losing on penalties is even worse than losing to a half decent goal.

Switzerland were incredibly unlucky to lose to
Argentina who did nothing for 119 minutes and then Messi got the ball and set up Angel de maria for a fine shot which smashed into the back of the net.

Switzerland then missed a sitter right at the end with the ball rebounding of the post after a headed shot and then hitting the same players knee and bouncing out of play. So, so close, but not close enough unfortunately.

The United States held their own for the majority of the match and it wasn’t until extra time that Belgium came alive and scored two goals.

The US got a goal back and tried to press for an equaliser but it never came and Belgium ended up the victors despite never really convincing during the game.