Game of Thrones : What is Dead May Never Die

Jon discovers that Mormont knew all along about Craster sacrificing his baby sons, but didn’t want to risk the Watches’ relationship with him by interfering in their business despite him being sickened by it, and the men of the nights watch are ordered out of his home and on their way.

Sam gives one of Craster’s daughter wives a thimble that belonged to his mother. She refused to accept it at first but then when he told her that he was only giving it her to mind, and that she could give him it back when they came back for her later on. Whether or not she believed him, or whether Sam actually thought that he would be able to do what he has promised, she took the thimble of him.

Bran continues to have dreams where he is witnessing the world from the viewpoint of his wolf and he assumed that they must be significant, but when he tells Maester Luwin about them he tries to persuade him that they are just dreams and nothing more. I don’t think that this convinces Bran that they are not significant but he at least gives them impression that he does to Luwin.

Catelyn arrives at the camp of Renly when they are having a tournament. She witness Brienne of Tarth become the newest, and it would appear only female, member of Renly’s guard, and Renly shows off his army to her, like a small child will show of his toy collection to someone. She also meets Renly’s bride, Queen Margery.

Theon is overjoyed that he is included in his father’s war council but it not happy that his sister is put in charge of thirty ships when he is only given the one considering that he is his only living son and then Yara is just a girl but his father just uses the fact that he was taken away from his as a reason for this, which Theon finds hard to accept as he feels that he is the true heir to his father and not his pesky sister.

Shae is given a job as Sansa’s handmaiden but shows herself to not be a very good handmaiden, just as she told Tyrion that she would.

Tyrion tests the loyalties of the council by given each of them a different plan to see which one would get back to his sister the quickest and it wasn’t long before Cersei confronted him about one of his made up plans. He captures Grand Master Pycelle in the middle of a session with a couple of prostitutes – the dirty old man – and throws him in the dungeons and gives Cersei a piece of his mind.

Arya and co are set upon by a band of Lannister men who demand that Gendry be given to them. When Yoren refuses to give him up there is a large and bloody battle and most of them are killed, including Yoren himself. A few of them try to escape but are soon caught and Arya manages to persuade them not to kill them as one of them in Gendry. They are then taken to Harrenhall.