Game of Thrones : Garden of Bones

The northern army leads an assault on a Lannister army. The morning after whilst Robbs is surveying his victory he argues with one of his bannermen who wants all of the soldiers that they captured to be killed but Robb disagrees mainly because he doesn’t want the Lannisters to do anything to his sisters, who they still hold, and who they would easily harm if he wasn’t careful.

Robb is criticised by one of the healers. He admits that he doesn’t want the throne just revenge on Joffrey and shocks the girl when he says that he doesn’t care who takes the throne as long as it isn’t Joffrey as long as the North is left alone. She points out to him that despite the fact that he has killed plenty of Lannisters soldiers the people who he wants revenge are on unscathed and won’t really be that bothered about the battle he has just won, which is a very good point when you consider what the Lannisters consider to be important, which a few thousand of minor soldier certainly would not be.

Arya, Gendry and the few people on the way to the wall that are left are taken to Harrenhal which is now the base of the Lannister army. There the prisoners are tortured by the guards there but Tywin Lannister arrives and puts a stop this just in time for Gendry is next. Gendry is set to work using his smith kills and Arya is made Tywin’s cupbearer when he realises that she is a girl dressed as a boy, despite nobody else apart from him and Gendry noticing that very simple fact, which probably doesn’t say much for anyone else that she had come across in past few weeks.

Joffrey finds out about Robb’s victory over the Lannister army and is mightily pissed off about it. He summons Sansa to the throne room where he threatens her with a crossbow but realising that his mother would not be happy with him if he killed her. Instead he orders her to be beaten and stripped as punishment.

Tyrion enters the throne room whilst this is happening and berates Joffrey for his actions. Joffrey states that he is the king and do as he pleases but Tyrion pointed out that the mad king did the same and look what happened to him. Tyrion comforts Sansa and escorts her from the hall, in an unusual show of sympathy from a Lannister, not that Tyrion is a typical Lannister by any means.

Bronn suggests to Tyrion that what Joffrey needs is to have sex and that it might be a good idea to set him up with a prostitute. However this fails as instead of trying to have sex with them he orders one of them to whip the other unconscious and for the remaining one to drop her in his uncle’s rooms as a warning not to cross him again. Tyrion of course would not take such bait but Joffrey is insane enough, and confident in his power, to believe that this would scare his uncle and make him bend to his will, even though he obviously does not know his uncle very well at all.

Cersei orders Tyrion to release Pycelle from the dungeons. He agrees but only if he is no longer allowed back on the small council.

Littlefinger goes to Renlys camp as an envoy stating that he will help Renly to bring down the Lannisters from within. Renly is tempted. He also tries to intimidate Queen Margery by saying that he knows that Renly is a homosexual but it doesn’t work as she is already aware of this fact and isn’t actually bothered about it. All she is bothered about is cementing an alliance between her family and the Baretheon and she is not going to let a little matter like her husband preferring her brother to her stop her plan.

He also meets with Catelyn and presents her with an offer of a prisoner exchange of Jaime for Arya and Sansa. Catelyn tells him that Robb would never allow this. As a sign of good faith from Tyrion he presents Catelyn with a box containing the bones of Ned.

Stannis arrives at Renly’s cap with Melisandre and Davos in tow. Stannis wants Renly to relinquish his claim on the throne and join with him. Renly refuses to relinquish his claim and pooh poohs his new religion right in from him and Melisandre. Stannis leaves empty handed and even more determined to obtain the iron throne.

Davos is ordered to row Melisandre to some caves where she strips naked, revealing herself to be heavily pregnant, and then gives birth to a creature of shadow, much to the horror of Davos, not before she tries to come on to him.

Daenerys receives word of a nearby city. She is greeted by the Thirteen, a group of wealthy nobles and merchant princes. One of the thirteen asks her to reveal her dragons and she refuses so is asked to leave. One of them wants to abandon her but another of them decides to vouch for her and allows them into the city on his patronage.