Doctor Who : Father’s Day

In Father’s Day Rose asks the Doctor to take her to see the moment that her father, Pete, died, as she really wanted to be able to see him in the flesh. Why she wanted to meet him on that specific day is not entirely explained apart from the fact that the plot wouldn’t have worked in the same way if it did and it probably wouldn’t have had the same emotional impact that it did.

Rose witnesses the event of her father’s death and then asks to see it a second time. That time she jumps in and saves her father from dying. The Doctor is angry at her for changing the future, but Rose doesn’t care as it means that she has got her dad back, and the Doctor tries to make her realise what her actions have done.

The Doctor storms off and return to the TARDIS and realises that it is now just only a police box. Rose goes to the wedding that her mother and father were attending on the day that he died. Suddenly wraith like creatures appear in the sky and start to attack the wedding guests.

The Doctor returns and they hole up in the church, the one place that they are safe. He makes Rose realise what has happened, and why it has happened. Pete realises what has happened as well, and realises that he shouldn’t be there, and ends up making sure that he does in fact die like he should have done in the first place which is one of the most emotional scenes in an episode full of emotional scenes.

Father’s Day is the first episode of Doctor Who to make me cry. I just couldn’t help myself at times during the episode, especially the scenes between Rose and her father after the event and, when he realises who he actually is, and why what should have happened had to happen.

It was certainly a very emotional episode and that was what made it work. We didn’t get to see the wider aspect of the effect that Pete not dying when he did on either the nineteen eighties or the modern times. All we got was a few wedding guests going missing which although bad enough is not quite the cataclysmic effects that the Doctor was talking about, apart from the families of the people at the wedding of course.

Rose learned a great deal about her father in this episode more than her mother ever let on to her about it such as the fact that he was a very ordinary man at the end of the day, an ordinary man who lived an ordinary  life and who happened to die young in a tragic accident, which happened and, was therefore, always meant to happen no matter how much you wanted to change it. Like the Doctor said you should be always be careful what you wish for, which was certainly the case for Rose Tyler in this episode.

Shaun Dingwell was excellent in the role of Pete Tyler, a character that we had heard a bit about in previous episodes, and who we thought we would never actually get to meet. He was a truly nice bloke and even though we knew that he should never have been saved in the first place he seemes such a nice bloke and the whole thing such a tragedy that it was hard to see him actually die for real at the end of the episode, as we knew that bit more about him and he seemed a lot more real than he had before.

It still chokes me up watching it again to write this review!