Doctor Who : The Doctor Dances

The Doctor Dances begins with the Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack being surrounded by gas mask people all asking for their mummy with Nancy having the same experience in the house she had entered earlier. This was a nice little touch using the same idea of multiple cliff-hangers as they had used in the first two part story, perhaps that is going to be a calling card for this series. Well it has happened in every two parter the series has had so far.

The Doctor stands in front of them and tells them to go to their room, and that he is very cross with them. They turn their head to one side, like a scolded child, and retreat allowing them to all escape. The Doctor, Jack and Rose keep getting cornered by more of the gas mask people and eventually hole up in a room in the hospital where there aren’t any more gas mask people.

The all clear sounds and Nancy is caught in the house by the members of the family returning although she is able to get out by telling the owner that she know something about him that he wouldn’t want to be public knowledge, a little twist on the usual idea of the woman in the house getting favours from someone to allow them better access to produce and equipment than they coupons would normally allow.

One minute Jack is in the room with them and then a moment later he transports himself out back into his ship. He tells them that he is trying to get them to his ship as well, which he is eventually able to do. Nancy returns to the site of the crashed ship and ends up being captures by the soldiers who are holding it.

The Doctor gets Jack to take them to where it crashed which Jack does. They meet Nancy there and soon all of the gas mask people also make their way there with the little boy at the front. The Doctor tells Jack what his meddling has done which he is genuinely shocked about and really didn’t think that he had done anything wrong at all, and how wrong he was. This showed a different side to his character rather than the charming con man, here we saw a man who was actually responsible for something terrible and knew exactly what he had done, but is not entirely sure how to remedy it.

The Doctor correctly surmises that Nancy is actually the mother of Jamie and that he was the little boy who the nanobots were trying to get the rest of the population to look like as they assumed that was what they actually looked like. Nancy tells the little boy that yes she is his mummy and will always be there for him. They embrace and she is covered by nanobots that work out what they had done and repair it bringing the little boy back to life using the shared DNA between him and his mother.

The Doctor then makes sure that everyone else affected by this is bought back to life as well. For once everyone lives which is quite rare in a Doctor Who story but this is one of the few examples where that happens and where there can actually be said to have a properly happy ending for all concerned, well sort of, as there was still a war on once the Doctor and Rose left.

I would have to say that this is the best two part story of the series so far and that this works far better as a result as the story carries on right until the end, and that there are still surprises in store for the viewers throughout this episode.

It is quite heart-warming to see Nancy reunited with Jamie at the end of the episode, something that this series has been every since it came back on our screens, which is nice to see.

And yes, the Doctor does dance, well in once sense of the word at least!