The first semi-final saw Brazil take on Germany. Brazil were without Neymar, who had been injured in the previous game, and their captain Tiago Silva, who had been suspended for this game.

Even without those in the squad they had not been convincing but had always managed to find a way to win. German had played well from the start and had worked and worked until they found their way to winning their games.

For the first ten minutes the teams was relatively easily matched but Germany broke through and scored the first goal of the game. It looked as though Brazil might then start to do something and find an equaliser but Germany managed to get another goal to lead 2-0.

It wasn’t looking good for Brazil at that point but it still looked as though they might try and make a go of it but then, inexplicably German scored three times in quick succession and Brazil fell apart, totally capitulated and played the rest of the game like a group of chickens who had had their heads chopped off, totally with no direction and no game plan.

German added two more in the second half and Brazil got a goal back right at the last but the damage had been done in the first half and the Brazillians were convincly beaten. They were just simply not good enough and the Germans showed them up in every department. Whilst Brazil were inept, Germany were masterful and they picked them apart with consummate ease. They even seemed embarrased to be beating Brazil so easily but they were and it wasn’t even that hard for them.

The Netherlands against Argentina was a totally different proposition. Both teams were very cagey and neither of them seemed to want to make the first move and take the game by the scruff of the next which was pity after what we had witnessed in the first semi but this game was never going to match up with that one as neither team were are confident as Germany, or as tactially inept as Brazil.

The game was quite boring to be honest and they semeed to be playing for penalties, which was what they got in the end. The penalties were ok with Argentina slam dunking all of their penalties and Holland not as convincing from the spot as they had been in quarter final.

They even didn’t get a chance to bring Tim Krull on like they did before, and Van Gaal’s plan showed that he did know what he was going when he took Cillessen off for the penalties in the last game, and probably should have done the same here.

So we have European and South American clash in the final which is about part for the course for the World Cup and also a replay of the 1986 World Cup final which Argentina won 3-2.