Doctor Who : Boomtown

Boomtown is a bit of an odd episode when all is said and done. The TARDIS lands in modern day Cardiff to soak up energy from the Rift where unbeknownst to them Margaret Slitheen is the current Mayor of Cardiff and is about the finalises the plans for the opening of a new nuclear plant right in the heart of the city despite the fact that she has been told by various people that it is an accident waiting to happen, which was happened next to all of the people who had said that it wasn’t safe to proceed with the plans.

The Doctor finds out that she is there and promptly goes after her. There is a bit chase where Margaret is cornered and tries to escape each time foiled by the Doctor. They take some alien tech (a tribophysical waveform macro-kinetic extrapolator) from the model of the nuclear plant. The Doctor states that he is there to return her to Raxacoricofallapatorious. We then get an inkling into what happens to wanted criminals on that planet and it isn’t a pretty sight, but the Doctor said that it isn’t his problem, which really it isn’t but she tries to turn the tables on the Doctor by saying that he has as much blood on his hands as she does and that he isn’t the one to judge her.

The Doctor really hasn’t much to say about that and you can see the whole story in Eccleston’s eyes. Margaret demands a last meal and the Doctor agree to take her to dinner which saw some interesting scenes of Margaret trying to poison the Doctor in various manners, all of which he was able to stop. They take Margaret back to the TARDIS ready to return her home when she turns the tables on them and says that she planned the whole thing and the extrapolator was designed to open the rift and allow Margaret to escape using the extrapolator as a kind of surfboard. Cardiff starts to crumble around them. Then the TARDIS console opens and Margaret stares into the heart of the TARDIS and promptly vanishes. She is then found as an egg, which is then returned to Raxacoricofallapatorious.

I am not really sure what happened in this episode with Margaret’s plan and why the heart of the TARDIS reverted her back to egg form but it was entertaining enough before that with the little chase scene round Cardiff and Margaret’s attempts to poison the Doctor, and the whole restaurant scene which was certainly well written, if not the kind of scene that you would normally expect to see in a Doctor Who episode, but that is happening a lot in this new form of the series, so perhaps it is the sort of thing that we can expect from this new look Doctor Who. It also certainly isn’t an episode that you are likely to revisit that often, but it wasn’t that bad and there are far worse episodes than this one.