Doctor Who : Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf was a fun episode and showed that the show has no limitations whatsoever. Where else would you get homage’s to Big Brother, The Weakest Link and What Not to Wear in a science fiction programme apart from Doctor Who? Nowhere else I would imagine. The sheer attention to detail in the rendering of these ideas was also sublime and featured all of the associated imagery that make those shows unique was there as well including the obnoxious contestants who only think about themselves (apart from the lovely Lynda though).

Yes, the Big Brother logo was a bit different, and the font used on the podiums in The Weakest Link were different but the basic premises of these shows were the same but with the added twist of being disintegrated when you are voted out of The Weakest Link and when you are evicted from the Big Brother house. To be honest I think being disintegrated is more than the contestants of Big Brother actually deserve but that’s just me.

To cap it all off in this future there are over 10,000 TV channels, all broadcasting throughout the day and night, and it seems that they always have new content. It may broadcast constant crap but at least it is all new crap and not just repeated crap like we get on most the of the satellite channels at the moment and, unfortunately, the beeb as well. If that isn’t bad enough there are more than 100 big brothers running simultaneously. Imagine that? I find that too disturbing to even contemplate.

We are also introduced to another pseudo companion figure in that of the sweet Lynda with a Y a Big Brother contestant who follows the Doctor out of the house. She seems like a nice enough sort, and a little bit like Rose. She functions as the companion for much of the episode as the three main characters are split up for most of the episode and is able to give us some exposition about the time that she lives in and what is actually going on around them as the Doctor doesn’t really have a clue. He also seems quite taken with her.

This episode contains two of the best bits of Ecclestone’s performance as the Doctor: the first bit is after Rose is apparently disintegrated by the Anne Droid and his mute silence as he is held back and arrested say so much about his feelings that you simply couldn’t explain better with words; the second bit is his exchange with the Daleks which makes me want to punch the air with joy each time I watch it.

It sometimes doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that the Doctor would normally say but it does sound like the sort of thing that this particular incarnation of the Doctor would say.

Speaking of the Daleks it was a great shame that their appearance late on in this episode was not spoiled in the preview of the last week’s episode which took all of the impact of this scene out of the episode as you were waiting for them to appear. It would have been awesome if we weren’t expecting it, but sadly we were.

The way that it was directed was purely for shock and surprise value which was a shame that we already knew it was happening and it wasn’t particularly obvious that it was going to ultimately be the Daleks who were controlling the Game Station either.

It was also nice to see that there actually was a reason for The Long Game as otherwise it would have been nice to have forgotten about that episode but here we find out that it was essential in context to these finale episodes as what happened there set the events leading up this episode in motion.

The words Bad Wolf turned up again and not just in the episode’s title in the name of the company who run the station, but we are still no clearer as to what it all means, which is getting pretty annoying really. Still, they have to explain it in the nest episode and we can be put out of our misery.

Captain Jack even had his part to play in this episode and was at his most effective when in military like manoeuvres particularly at the end of the episode where he was a man with a mission (and a gun).

I thought that this was a fine start to the season finale and it set up the finale really well especially in the last five minutes and it looks like we are going to get a rip-roaring conclusion