The World Cup ended abysmally for Brazil who lost 3-0 to Holland to finish 4th in the tournament. For most countries that would have been good enough, but not for Brazil who seemed to expect to win this tournament , despite having a generally poor team. Holland finished 3rd which they have never done before, so they were pretty chuffed.

The final was a very tight game, with both teams having a go at trying to break the other down. It took until extra time for the first goal to come and once Germany had got it through Mario Götze, there was no way that they were going to let anything get past them, and that is one thing the Germans are good at.

Despite it being only 1-0 after 120 minutes it was a pretty decent game and the end result was the right one as Germany were the best team to play in the tournament and they rightly won the trophy.

It looks like that they are going to be the team to beat for quite some time to come given the age of their current squad!