Haven’t done this for a while

I used to love getting long, detailed letters from my penfriends in years gone by. I had quite a few at one point in the eighties and nineties but nowadays I never receive letters apart from ones from people who keep telling me that I owe them money. They aren’t quite as nice.

When I was 13 I had a lovely penfriend from Australia called Claire and we wrote to each other for about four years and I used to love receiving letters from her telling me about her life in Australia and also about what was happening in Neighbours and Home and Away which in those days were actually quite far ahead in Oz.

Since the advent of email I do mostly converse by email but I do still like the tactile feel of an actual letter and do sometimes bemoan the fact that people don’t write proper letters anymore. Cards are much better when they are handwritten than e-cards are and I would prefer to receive a real card than an e-card any day, not that e-cards are not also very thoughtful and personal.