Game of Thrones : Ghost of Harrenhal

In the fifth episode of the second series Renly agrees to Catelyn’s proposal that he and Robb should join forces. However, just after this Renly is murdered by a shadow figure in the shape of man, probably the thing that Melisandre gave birth to in the previous episode. Brienne is accused of the murder of Renly and has to flee with Catelyn, who she swears to protect that from moment on.

With the death of Renly, the majority of his army going over to Stannis apart from the Tyrells. Cersei doesn’t seem to be that perturbed that Stannis now has an army that far outnumbered their own, and is going to soon be marching on Kings Landing.

Joffrey is preparing for this eventuality which is what Tyrion is worried about. Cersei is more pissed off at Tyrion for his plans to to ship Myrcella away despite Tyrion saying that it is for her own safety. Tyrion discovers Cersei plan to stop an attack on the city by using Wildfire, a substance that will burn anything that it comes into contact with and that they have a whole store of it ready and waiting.

Stannis plans to sail for Kings Landing very soon and first destroy the Lannister fleet in Blackwater way before then taking the city by force. Davos asks him if Melisandre will be with him during the battle to which Stannis tells him to mind his own business but Davos tells him that some people think that Melisandre is controlling him and he is only doing things at her behest.

Theon takes up his first command but none of them men are happy to follow his commands and some openly laugh at him. The majority of them go off on their own but one of them takes Theon with him.

Jaquen H’ghar one of the men that Arya had freed before tells her that he knows all about her and that as she helped save him and two of his friends that he owes her three lives and that anyone who she names will be dead. She chooses the tickler the man who had tried to torture Gendry.

Daenerys is enjoying her time in Qarth and is visiting the night markets where she meets another of the thirteen, Pyat Pree, who gives her a green jewel and asks her to look into it. When she does an identical copy of Pree appears from out of nowhere but Xaro tells her not to be fooled by their party tricks.

Bran send a party of Robb’s men to Torrhen’s square which is not far from Winterfell but which is under siege, by whom they are not entirely sure but think it would be better if they went and helped them anyway.

Jon goes with Qhorin Halfhand and a small group of men to attack the wildings and try to kill Mance Ryder, who had left the nights watch for the wildings previously and is teaching them the weays of the watch.

Dany tells Xaro of her plans to takse the Iron Throne which is hers by right. Xaro offer her half his fortune if she marries him. Jorah warns her against siding with Xaro and that she will have plenty of allies in Westeros and that all she needs is one ship which he tells her that he will help her find.

The Tickler is soon found dead and Arya realises the power that she now has over people.

The plot continues to thicken in this episode with Theon finally starting to act like an Iron Islander, Jon trying to show his worth to the men of the Nights Watch, Bran start to act like the Lord that he will one day become, and one less person playing the Game to be the rightful ruler of Westeros.

Of course the main talking point from this episode is the death of Renly and also of the thing who killed him for it certainly didn’t seem to be any of the main characters in particular, but did seem to have the face of Stannis and a similar looking creature did appear between Melisandre’s legs in the previous episode, so it would be a fair point to link those two points together as, certainly, taking Renly out of the equation does also have its plus points for Melisandre as well.