Game of Thrones : The Old Gods and the New

In episode six Arya marks another person for death, after Haqar had been as good as his word and killed The Tickler for her. I think that Arya was getting a bit too happy to name names for the sheer hell of it after this point as she knew that should she name them then they wouldn’t be long for this world. In this case she chose Amory Lorch for the chop.

Also in this episode Theon marches straight into Winterfell, and takes over after the majority of the men defending Winterfell had gone to Torrhen’s Square on a wild goose chase in the previous episode. Theon basically threatens Bran to surrender the castle to him, which he does but not without showing Theon his disgust at what he has done to them after everything that they had done for him, not that Theon is in any way sorry for what he has done.

Rodrik Cassel was captured by Theon’s men on his way back to tell them it was a trap only to find that the castle had been taken over. He spits in Theon’s face rather than kneel to him which pisses of Theon greatly. One of his men tells him that he ought to kill Cassel or lose face in front of his new men. He does the job but makes a bloody mess of it much to the disgust of the watching people of Winterfell, and judging by the look on Theon’s face as he was doing it that he wasn’t happy about it either.

Later on Osha gives herself to Theon and then, when he was sleeping, escapes from Winterfell with Bran, Rikon, Hodor and their direwolves.

Catelyn returns to the Westerlands and Robb with Brienne in tow. There they discover the fate of Winterfell which enrages Robb, more so because it was Theon would had done this and his decides that he wants to look Theon in the eye to ask him why he did it and then execute him himself.

Robb wants to march back north to repel this invasion but Roose Bolton persuades him to allow the rest of their army still in the north to overcome the would-b-conquers of Winterfell. This placates Robb a little bit although in this episode he has spotted Talis who he takes an instant liking too and really only has one thing on his mind.

In Harrenhal Arya nearly gets caught out when she lets on that she can read to Tywin, when one of his own men isn’t able to and actually managed to deliver a letter to their enemies instead of their allies. Littlefinger comes to see Tywin to discuss the possible alliance between the Lannisters and the Tyrells now that they are not siding with Stannia. Arya has to serve him wine. She tries to hide herself but it doesn’t take him long to work out whom she really is, but fair play to him he doesn’t let on to Tywin, which he could easily have done.

Lorch however isn’t as dumb as he appears and captures Arya after she had stole the letter about Robb exploits from under Tywin’s nose. When he is about to tell Tywin he is struck down.

In Kings Landing the royal party sees of Myrcella to the house of Dorne and on their way back through the streets of the city someone throws a cowpat at Joffrey. This angers the little prick and he demands that they all be killed. A massive scrap ensues seeing lots of people killed. Sansa loses the rest of the group at this point, and is almost raped and murdered before The Hound saves her life, not that Joffrey was bothered in the slightest. If you thought that this scene was bloody and barbaric then the book is about ten times more barbaric and bloody than this scene was.

The scouting party from the Night’s Watch searching for the wildings comes across a small party of them and all of them are killed, apart from a young woman named Ygritte. They leave Jon to kill her, but he is unable to do so.

In Quarth Dany tries to persuade the spice king to help her get a ship so that she can retain her true title of the queen of Westeros but he turns her down on the basis that he doesn’t feel that it is a worthwhile investment when in reality she doesn’t have any allies in Westeros as nobody there is aware that she is still alive.

When she returns to her rooms she finds Xaro’s guards dead, one of her handmaidens dead, and another one missing and, worst of all, her dragons missing, their cages wide open.