Game of Thrones : A Man Without Honor

Theon awakens and notices that Osha has gone and then he finds out that she has take Bran and Rickon with her. He beats one of his men not only for letting them escape but also for answering him back. He leads them to a farm where the farmer says that he has not seen them. He sends Luwin back to Winterfell. When he returns to Winterfell he does so with two charred children bodies which he hoists onto the gates and proclaims that they are Bran and Rickon.

Tywin Lannister orders Sir Gregor to burn out famrs and villages for the attempted assassination on himself despite the fact that there was no such attempt, not that he knew that of course. Arya nearly gives herself away to Tywin again by her pronunciation.

Sansa wakes up in horror to realise that she has begun menstruating which means that Cersei will expect her to bear Joffrey’s children. Shae tries to help her hide the sheets but the hound finds them and tells Cersei. Cersei tries to comfort her, well kind of; perhaps that was what Cersei thought that she was doing.

Cersei wonders if the fact she had children with her own brother is the reason why Joffrey is so violent but Tyrion says that her other two children are not monsters.

A very low ranking Lannister returns to the Westerlands with Cersei’s response to Robb’s demands saying that she rejects them. Robb imprisons the young Lannister with Jamie. Jamie uses the young Lannister as a decoy and kills both him and the guard. He is soon recaptured but the father of the murdered guard’s demands that Jamie is executed forthwith.

Jon who has taken the Wilding, Ygritte, prisoner is still trying to find the scouting group he had been parted from. Ygritte argues with Jon, and tries to seduce him. She manages to escape from him and later leads him into an ambush and delights in telling him that he should have killed her when he had a chanced.

Dany is desperate to find her missing dragons. Jorah returns and is ordered to find them. Jorah questions a strange woman wearing an ornate mask who tells him that the person who stole the dragons is already with Dany and that she knows that he once betrayed her. Pyat Pree confesses to stealing the dragons and declares Xaro the King of Qarth. Doubles of Pree appear and slit the throats of the other members of the thirteen. He tells her that her dragons can be found at the House of the Undying.

In this episode both Robb and Jon experience the stirrings of love for very different women and you do feel a bit sorry for Jon at some of the things that Ygritte says to him and the way that she is around him. It is not that Jon is a prude, but that he took an solemn oath and it must have took some courage not to break the oath with Ygritte given the come on that she gave him, and the fact that she is not too hard on the eye either.

Poor Robb has his own problems with him promised in marriage to a woman he has never met when with a woman he actually fancies in close proximity to him.

Cersei almost blaming her incest on the fact that her son is unhinged almost made you feel sorry for her and Tyrion seemed to be a little bit sorry for her as well with his comment about the other two children not being monsters, which is big of him considering the way that she treats him, and the things that she calls him.

You do feel sorry for Sansa though, as you know that now she is able to bear children that she is going to have to submit to Joffrey, which you know is not going to end well, considering his proclivities.

You don’t feel sorry for Theon for the way that Osha tricked him as he bought it all upon himself, and he shows his truly nasty side by having two innocent children burned to death to show that he means business. You personally want to hand him over to Robb for this.

Yes, it is getting very interesting indeed.