Game of Thrones : Prince of Winterfell

Tyrion and Bronn plan the defence of Kings Landing. When Varys asks him how they are going to hold of Stannis Tyrion tells him with pig shit. Cersei accues him of plotting to have Joffrey killed during the siege. She tells him that she has kidnapped his whore but later discovers that Cersei has kidnapped Ros instead rather than Shae.

It is very typical of Tyrion that he showed remorse to Ros even though it wasn’t her that he was worried about and showed that Cersei isn’t quite as clever as she thought she was in controlling Tyrion, but has struck something of a chord with this trick, and his fondness for his whores.

Joffrey is adamant that they are going to win the battle because he is going to single-handedly stop Stannis which does give Tyrion much confidence. Varys tells him about Dany and her dragons but Tyrion says that Stannis is their main concern at the moment and that can be dealt with later. Stannis promises to make Davos hand when he takes the iron throne and bemoans people’s attitude to Davos as he wasn’t a high-born.

After hearing that Robb’s army is now single-mindedly intent on the Greyjoys it is decided by Tywin that the time to fight them is now and sets to leave Harrenhal. Arya tries to find Jagen so that her third kill could be Tywin but she doesn’t find him before he leaves. She tries to persuade him to help her escape instead but he feels that that would be more than his current debt to her. Instead she decides to name him instead and only agrees to take his name back if he helps her and her friends to escape. Later that evening all of the watch is guarding the entrance is killed and they are able to escape. This shows how cunning Arya can be as even though she didn’t get what she wanted with the death of Tywin she was at least able to get out of Harrenahal, for the immediate future anyway.

Robb is not happy when he hears that Jaime has escape and that his mother was involved. She tells him that she has allowed Brienne to take him back to Kings Landing in exchange for Sansa and Arya. Robb has his mother placed under guard for this. Roose Bolton assures Robb that his son is not far from Winterfell. Robb decides to offer mercy to any of Theon’s men apart from Theon himself hoping that they would betray him which shows that not only does he know Theon very well he also knows that his men are likely to be like as well.

Robb asks Talisa why she chooses to tend the wounded in the battle and he tells her that he doesn’t want to marry his intended. She tells him that she doesn’t want to him to marry her either, and they tear each other’s clothes off.

Ygritte presents Jon to one of the Wildings called Rattleshirt who immediately wants Jon to be killed but when he hears that he is the bastard son of Eddard Stark he relents and allows him to be taken to Mance. Qhorin had also been captured and he says that Jon should go and learn about Mance’s plans for the nights watch.

Sam and Grenn find an ancient Night’s Watch cloak buried at the Fist of the First Men which contains dragonglass weapons.

Jorah advices Dany to flee Qarth as soon as she can but she refuses to leave without her dragons and asks him to take her to the House of the Undying when Pyat Pree told her they are being held. Jorah could have left her there but agrees to help her. It can’t be for his own safety that he agrees as it would have been easier for him to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible but he must surely think that helping her is ultimately going to reward him somehow.

Back at Winterfell Theon orders for the ravens to be killed so that word that he has killed Bran and Rickon will not leave Winterfell. His sister soon arrives with a few men and he tells her that he needs 500 men at least to hold Winterfell. She tells him that she is there to bring him home as the death of the Starks boys will bring the wrath of the North on them. He refuses as he doesn’t want to be branded a coward for fleeing.

Luwin spots Osha and discovers that Bran and Rickon are alive and well and hiding in the crypts below Winterfell where all the dead Starks are buried. Luwin then realises what Theon has done. He asks Osha to keep it from Bran as he will only blame himself for the death of the farmer’s boys. Unfortunately Bran overhears their conversation.

This shows how immature Theon actually is and how not ready for command he is and how possible he won’t be around for much longer, well not if Robb has anything to do with it. Still he is more likely to be killed by his own people as he has to die at the hands of Robb.

I can’t wait to see how this series pans out.