Games of Thrones : Blackwater

This episode is a no hold barred look at a siege. We even seen people being physically sick just before and it is a very gory and bloody episode that needs the viewer to have quite a strong stomach, even more than is usual for this show.

Davos tells his son Matthos that even thought they outnumber the royal fleet and that the people guarding the walls of King’s Landing will not look at them as saviours but as people coming to destroy them.

Cersei summons Grand Master Pycelle who tells her that he is there to give her guidance in these times bit she only wants the bottle of Essence of Nightshade which she has asked him for. He tells there that a single drop can cause relaxation and three drops a deep sleep.

The soldiers of the House of Lannister prepare for the upcoming battle by drinking and consorting with prostitutes.Bronn comes face to face with the hound who tells him that they are both very alike and they are about to have a set to when the bells rings summoning them to arms.

Varys visits Tyrion and hands him a map of the tunnel network beneath the city, all fifty miles of it built by the Targaryens so that they could easily escape from the city if necessary. Tyrion tells him that he doesn’t plan to escape and is willing to go down with the city if the city is falls as a captain of a ship would.

Tyrion makes sure that Sansa has been invited to the Holdfast with Cersei. She tells him that she has but that Joffrey wants her to see him off. Joffrey arrives and orders Sansa to kiss his sword telling her that one day soon she will have lick the blood of her traitor brother from the sword.

In the Holdfast Sansa wonders why Cersei has invited her there assuming that she hates here but Shae posits the theory that she is jealous of her. Cersei makes polite conversation with Sansa but you can see that she is forcing herself to do it.

Joffrey is the first to spot the lead vessel of Stannis fleet and Tyrion orders the archers to prepare. Joffrey questions why there is only a single ship.

Davos and Matthos see a single ship approaching them. Davos is the first to notice that it is empty and he also notices that Wildfire is pouring out of its hold. Knowing the substance Davos orders his helmsmen to steer clear of the craft.

Bronn shoots a flaming arrow into the middle of the bay igniting the wildfire which rapidly spreads engulfing not only the Lannister vessel but the other one as well. Matthos is caught up in the explosion, but Davos is catapulted from the ship into the bay.

Stannis orders his men to prepare to land and take the city by force. They approach the city in force. Tyrion orders the archers to rain fire on them and the hound to kill anyone who reaches the shore.

Stannis leads his men through the hail of arrows, sustaining heavy casualties. The Hound gets into the thick of the fighting cutting one of them in half. Lancel Lanniser is shot by an arrow, but manages to retreat into the city. He reaches the holdfast and tells Cersei that Stannis troops have landed despite Tyrion destroying his fleet. She demands that Joffrey be bought inside to his chambers for safety. The Hounds is stunned as Bronn saves his life. He calls his men to fall back and return to the castle. Stannis orders ladders be put up against the castle walls and he is one of the first up and kills the soldier at the top. The Hound shocks both Tyrion and Joffrey by disobeying orders after losing more than hald of his men in the siege.

Lancel returns to bring Joffrey back. Joffrey goes back into the city leaving Tyrion to carry on the fight. Tyrion takes it upon himself to lead the fight and gives a rousing speech to the men. Cersei leave the holdfast with her son. Shae persuades Sansa to lock herself in her chambers. When she gets there she find the Hound in there. He tells her that he is going to leave and that he would take her with him and return to Winterfell. She tells him that her place is there in Kings Landing as Stannis would not hurt her.

The battle continues and Tyrion is badly scarred. He faints as he sees a man in what looks like Renly armour cutting a swaithe through Stannis troops. Cersei is about to give Tommen essense of nightshade when a soldier in renly’s armout burst into the throne room and reveals himself as Loras Tyrell. Tywin Lannister also pushes his way into the throne room stating that the battle was over and that they had won. Cersei throws away the poison.

This has to be the most action packed episode of the show so far, as well as the most bloody. It was also written by the writer of the original novels George RR Martin who knows the characters and situations better than anybody else.

This brings an end to the story for this season and it is going to be interesting to see what is set up for the third season in the following, final, episode of this series.