Doctor Who : Into the Dalek

Into the Dalek saw the Doctor venture inside his greatest ever enemy, literally. This notion already set this apart from most other Daleks stories, and at least tried to do something different with the Skarosian monsters, even if it was a riff on the classic film Fantastic Voyage. Still isn’t that often what the best Doctor Who stories are?

Yes, you had plenty of scenes of Daleks ships shooting at other ships and Daleks exterminating humans willy-nilly but we also got a Dalek who actually and actively hated all of Dalekind, and wanted to exterminate them all, which was a lot more weird than them asking if you wanted a cup of tea. I thought that they did a good job of showing what it actually looks like inside a Dalek and I like the addition of the Dalek antibodies.

Most of all in this episode I was impressed with Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. From the moment that he first appeared in this episode until the moment that he last appeared on screen Capaldi seemed to really channel Doctorishness from every pore.

You just have to look at the way that he looks at the solider that he rescues at the start of the episode and the way that he head is titled to one side almost like the way that a Cat would look at something that it considers to be beneath them and his comment that Clara is his carer so that he doesn’t have to and also his attitude to the multitudes of solider who died during the episode.

Those show his Doctor at his most alien for a number of years but that is exactly what the Doctor should be like and not touchy and feel and human because he isn’t human and he shouldn’t really pretend to be either, and I don’t think that Capaldi’s Doctor is ever going to pretend to be human and is going to be this way throughout his run, which is fine by me.

I think that he may rub certain people up the wrong way when compared to the last couple of Doctors but I am liking this new incarnation of the Doctor just fine thank you very much.

Clara also seems to be a little bit more interesting with this new Doctor and her character seems to have a litte bit more time and space to breathe than she did before and Jenna Coleman is grabbing this opportunity with both hands and is doing well as the bridge between the old Doctor and the new Doctor and she is giving him as good as she gets.

Like Clara the audience is not sure of this new man who calls himself the Doctor and she, and the audience, will get to know him better as the series progresses.

We got our first glimpse of the new character, Danny Pink, in this episode in a very small role but in those few brief scenes Samuel Anderson showed a sparkle of what might be and it will be interesting to see how he fits in with this new look TARDIS team and is a nice nod to some of the earliest companions of the show but this time they are a Maths teacher and an English teacher rather than History and Science.

The episode was very well directed by Ben Wheatley and is was actually more directorially accomplished than Deep Breath was and I loved the way that he shot the Daleks, and made them look rather menacing, which isn’t always the way they come across with some directors.

Missy appeared again with another of the people who were killed around the Doctor. This is certainly the series running theme and god knows what it all means, or who, or what, this Missy actually is, but it is going to be a lot of fun finding out.