Doctor Who : Time Heist

When I heard that this episode of Doctor Who was about the Doctor and Clara being involved in a bank robbery I did think that this wasn’t your common-or-garden episode of the series, that there would be a lot more to it than that.

Mainly because, in the first instance, why would the Doctor get involved with something like a bank robbery in the first place, it just didn’t seem like the sort of thing he would get involved in at all, and what possible gain could the Doctor benefit from by doing such a thing as he is not normally interested in money or power or anything like that.

As the episode progressed it seemed that neither the Doctor, nor Clara nor Psi or Saibra, who they who found themselves with in the bank, knew why they had been taken there and what they were there for until a strange voice told them that they were going to rob the most secure bank in the entire universe, and that they had all agreed to doing and had wiped their memories about the whole thing by using the memory worms which we had seen used before in the series.

We then learned about the bank itself, and about its security system, and it seemed like actually robbing it was nothing short of impossible, and it also seemed like nobody ever survived an attempt to rob it either, or would even get as far as actually getting inside the vaults in the first place, especially after what we saw with the man that they thought was guilty who ended up having his head caved in by the strange creature that they had tied up in the bank who was able to sense people’s guilt.

In the end is was the denoument of the episode which was the most interesting thing about the episode as the ending completely turned the plot 360 degrees and what was going on was a completely different kettle of fish.

The teller was an interesting monster and wouldn’t have looked out of place in Farscape. Indeed this episode wouldn’t have looked out of place in most science fiction series and it is only the denouement that really makes it more like a Doctor Who story than say Hustle-in-Space, which would also be a good way to describe the episode.

I was quite surprised not to see Missy make yet another appearance in this episode after the amount of deaths that took place in the episode but she was not where to be seen in this episode.

The plot of this episode was very straighforward indeed and in the end turned out to be something completely different to what you originally thought it was but in a nice way, and not in what-have-they-done sort of way.

The two guest stars in the episode Psi and Saibra are both rather interesting characters both of whom have a certain look about them. Saibra is a mutant human who has the unfortunate superpower of changing her appearance into anything that she touches (a bit like Rogue in the X-Men) which must be the worst superpower that you could possibly have I would have thought as she can never really get close to anyone because if she does she turns into them, which must be a bit of pain at times, unless you really love yourself that is.

Psi is what is called an augmented human who is basically half human half computer who apparently still uses USB to connect to other devices, which also still happen to use USB. You would have thought in the future they would have something a bit better than USB as what happens if your cable is a bit too short for the job, what are you going to do then?

race to the world of Doctor Who and was an impressive work of makeup and modelling. We didn’t really find out that much about the teller, or even what race it was, and where it was from but we knew enough by the end of the episode to feel sorry for it and not shocked at its powers as we might have been having witnessed its work without watching the episode right until the end.

Keeley Hawes was the main villain of the episode. She was ok but didn’t really have that much screen time to make a real impression in the episode.

I do have to say that the episode does look like it could have come straight out of an earlier era of the show but with much better special effects and costumes. I can quite easily see this as a fifth Doctor story.