In September I read the following books A Storm of Swords : Blood and Gold, Chaucer, The Gentle Giant, Timewyrm: Exodus, Flatland, Timewyem: Apocalypse, The Magnificent Ambersons and Autobiography.

Blood and Gold is the second volume of the third book of the Song of Ice and Fire series of books and continues on a pace. What did surprise me about this book was how many of the main characters were killed in this book, some of them totally caught me off guard as I really wasn’t expecting it, but some of them I was glad to see the back off, and it really set the scene for what it to come next.

Chaucer is one of Peter Ackroyd’s Brief Lives series of short biographies on famous names. This is a well written book and still interesting despite the fact that so little is known about Chaucer that it is amazing that there was enough information to write a book about it even if was a short book but here we have one nonetheless.

The Gentle Giant is a book written by the Welsh footballer John Charles and is an interesting book about the differences between Italian and English football and how he thinks that football should develop in the future. It was written more than fifty years ago and some of his notions are quite interesting especially the way he would make the first division smaller by the merging together of certain teams.

Timewyrm: Exodus is the second Doctor Who New Adventure published and the second in the Tymewyrm series of books. This one sees the Doctor and Ace land in a Britain that had been taken over by the Nazis and the Doctor has to go back in time to work out when everything changes and try and steer history back on course.

Flatland is a book that I heard of from watching The Big Bang Theory. I am not sure what to make of it now that I have read it apart from the fact that I do not understand a word of it but, then again, maths has never been my strong subject.

Timewyrm: Apocalypse is the third book in the Timewyrm saga and takes the TARDIS crew to a new planet which seems to good to be true and turns out to be not the place that any of the inhabitants thought that it was. It also features nice cameos from the second Doctor who is always nice to see.

The Magnificent Ambersons is a Pulitzer prize winning novel about the Amberson family and their lives and what they got up it in America against the background of the beginnings of the automotive industry. The book is quite interesting read in context but is rather dated by todays standards.

Autobiography is the autobiography of Steven Patrick Morrisey better known simply as Morrisey and is an interesting read which charts his life from childhood to the present with lots of references to his own songs, songs that he likes, tv programmes that he liked as a child, music that shaped his formative years etc. It is, as expected, very well written as you cannot say that Morrisey is a bad writer when you have listened to some of his songs. Love him or loathe him he has a way with words and is always interesting to read.