Doctor Who : The Caretaker

This episode sees the second time that the environs of Coal Hill School have been invaded by aliens, and this time it isn’t Daleks, but a rather pesky robot that seems to want to destroy everything in its path for no specific reason that I can make out it.

The Doctor locates the alien to near the school and deciding that the school would be a good place to draw it to (despite it being full of pupils for the majority of the time) and sent it back into space whence it came from, becomes the new Caretaker of Coal Hill School because the Caretaker is probably the best role to take in the school as there is no place that a caretaker cannot go in a school, as they have the keys to the place, and no one would question wherever they chose to go. To be honest the episode should be called The Site Manager, as that is what Caretakers are called nowadays, but it doesn’t really have the same ring to it does it?

The alien monster was meant to be all powerful and destructive but didn’t look that threatening. In fact it looked a bit like it came from a 1980s b-movie, or something of children’s BBC, which was quite apt for an episode that was mostly set in a school.

It was a bit of a coincidence that the Doctor was drawn to that particular school as that was where Clara worked, as well as being near where the Doctor originally found the trace of the alien, but I would suspect it was more the former than the latter as the Doctor was quite interested in who this mystery person that Clara was seeing was.

It was quite telling that he assumed that her boyfriend was the person who looked more than a little bit like his previous incarnation, which, I guess, would be a fair guess as Clara was quite smitten with his previous self rather than Danny.

The Doctor certainly doesn’t take to Danny that much in this story especially when he finds out that he used to be a soldier which was been a running theme in this series so far that the Doctor isn’t keen on soldiers.

I know that the third incarnation of the Doctor was sometimes a bit put out by some of the Brigadier’s actions but he seemed to get on very well with him all things considered which is not something that this Doctor would do as he really seems to hate all things soldiery.

We are also introduced to a new character that we have seen briefly before and had heard mentioned before by Danny and Clara, Courtney, who becomes the first school girl to take a trip in the TARDIS since Susan Foreman all of those years ago.

Perhaps Moffat is trying to replicate that first year of adventures with the Doctor, two teachers and one of their pupils, although judging by her reaction to being onboard the TARDIS at the end of this episode it does seem that Courtney isn’t really suited to travel aboard the TARDIS.

Peter Capaldi was as brilliant as ever as the Doctor resplendent in his sparkly top and caretaker coat being dismissive of everyone as usual. I loved his sign that he put on the caretakers officer door saying go away humans which just shows his attitude perfectly and his comment to Clara when he first saw her in this episode was priceless as well.

We had another person who died and then appeared right at the end of the episode but this time we had a new character called Seb played by Chris Addison rather than Missy who did appear, never spoke, and didn’t look very pleased either, which is very intriguing indeed.

In this bloke’s case he never even met the Doctor, so I am not sure why he ended up there at the end of the episode, apart from the fact that he was only person who actually died in the story but aside from the robot that killed him this pcos has nothing to do with the Doctor at all, and he certainly wouldn’t recognise him anyway even if he had, as he didn’t pick up the similarities between Danny and Orson Pink and he had met both of them!

This isn’t the strongest of episodes, but does have some nice character interaction between the Doctor and Clara, and some laugh out loud lines of dialogue (such as the Doctor saying that he once lived amongs otters), and was an enjoyable way to spend 45 minutes but is not going to an episode that calls out to watched over and over again!