Doctor Who : Kill The Moon

Kill the Moon was very much an old fashioned episode of Doctor Who being that it had a very small cast, and was set on a rather confined space, where there was something nasty lurking around the corner, that occasionally popped its head around and said boo!

In the case of this story the setting was either on the surface of the moon, or in a crashed spacecraft on the surface of the moon; and the something nasty lurking around the corner were spider like creatures who really did make me jump, especially when we find one in the bath each morning (not these sort though thank goodness).

The TARDIS has landed on the moon as the Doctor found Courtney loitering in the TARDIS (I bet he never wished that he let her in there in the first place) and he asks her if she wanted to be the first woman on the moon.

So on the moon they wind up but there is a bit of a problem as there seems to be something wrong with the moon. It isn’t acting the way that it should be and there are effects happening on the Earth because of this so these people have been sent up to the moon to try and sort it out once and for all with a ship full of nuclear bombs so there was no doubt about what they were really planning had the Doctor and co not landed there.

The true meaning of the episode that the moon was in fact an egg which had been incubating some creature for millions and millions of years was not exactly what I was expecting and, I think, not what may people were thinking either if I am being truly honest and doesn’t really make the slightest bit of sense when you actually think about it but does make their choice of blowing up the moon and allowing it to take its natural course into a discourse on the pros and cons of Abortion, which is not really in its natural place in a Doctor Who story.

Would the resolution have been different if it had been a male astronaut and two male companions rather than women I wonder? I am not sure to be honest but the Doctor’s actions in this episode would not have changed a jot.

Peter Capaldi is fantastic in this story even if his shirt is a little bit too much. Him saying that the moon isn’t his problem and that it should be left to Clara, Courtney and the female astronaut to make the decision for the Earth as they were actually from there was the sort of thing that the Doctor might do, well perhaps the first Doctor and the sixth Doctor and you can totally understand why he did it and also his reasons for doing it.

The Doctor may have had a seemingly long attachment to the Earth and had saved it on many, many occasions but it isn’t really his planet and at the end of the day he could just shoot off in the TARDIS at any time and forget about it which he didn’t to in this story.

Yes, he did appear to run off but all he did was hover in orbit around the moon and then return when he felt that they had time to work out what they were going to do. I think he knew the decision that Clara was going to make and was probably just testing her out which is a rather Doctorish thing to do if you ask me and not at all out of character.

It does beg the question of how much the Doctor does actually know about what happened to the Moon at that particular time because he had been present on the moon not that long after this story was set when the Cybermen tried to invade the moon way back in his second incarnation so he did know that it hadn’t been destroyed before then as then he couldn’t have had that adventure could he?

Tony Osoba joined the list of people who have appeared in the show before and after its return but he wasn’t in it enough for me; Hermione Norris was very strong in this episode and she did exactly what a person in her situation would have done and you can’t really blame her for that, and at the end her thanks to Clara, the Doctor and Courtney were very heartfelt.

As for Courtney I am not sure. She is a little bit annoying, but she is fifteen years old and doesn’t know any better and how on Earth did she end up becoming the president of the USA, and why did the female astronaut not recognise her as she can’t look that much different to how she would look in the future surely?

The scene where Clara pretty much told the Doctor to do one, and never darken her doorstep again was an interesting scene and has to be a pivotal one for the rest of this run. It wasn’t really out of the blue to be honest as she has never been sure about this new incarnation of the Doctor from day one, but the Doctor did seem rather hurt by the things she was saying and I think that had Courtney not been involved she might not have been so angry with him.

I can’t see that this will last as the Doctor probably forgot about it the moment that Clara left the TARDIS, but Clara won’t, so it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops after this as it has had a major setback, and you could argue that this is the start of the end of the road for the Doctor and Clara, but we will have to wait and see what it really means for the two of them.