Living for a day inside my favourite movie

If I could live for a day inside a movie I would rather be in a movie where I am not shot at, threatened, nearly killed every five minutes which counts out an awful lot of films to be honest.

I would quite like to be aboard the Starship Enterprise in a capacity that didn’t involve going on dangerous away missions and gave me the most amount of time to spend in the holodecks.

I would also quite like to have gone to school at Hogwarts providing that I managed to get through the full seven years unscathed.

I would like to have been Jay out of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back or Jim in the American Pie movies, for much the same reasons.

One thought on “Fourth Wall

  1. This is probably the most honest answer to this prompt I’ve read yet. Sure it would be great to say we want to be a part of the excitement, but truthfully people want to feel safe (and surrounded by stars).

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