Week two of The Apprentice saw the teams, still boys versus girls, each have to design a piece of wearable technology, and then pitch it to several high street chains win the winners being the ones who got the most orders.

After hearing about Robert’s business idea Lord Sugar suggested that Robert might want to consider being the project manager for this task as it was right up his alley as it was to do with fashion.

The girls also changed their team name to Tenacity as they are all tenacious women. Well it’s better than Decadence anyway.

When it came to the time to pick the project manager for the boys team Robert decided that even though Lord Sugar had suggested the he take up the mantel of pm it wasn’t for him as it wasn’t luxury high end fashion which is what he was interested in and therefore it wouldn’t really be his bag and it was Scott who was chosen as the pm on the basis that he had been to an expo on wearable tech not that long ago, which obviously made him an expert in the field and the obvious choice to lead this task.

For the girls’ team it was as Bianca was interested in fashion and Nurun ran a boutique. When they pointed out that Bianca business idea was a range of hosiery and tights which she didn’t think constituted fashion and Nurun primarily dealt with the Asian market she didn’t feel that she was the best choice either but they all decided that she was the best choice to be the PM so in the ends she acquiesced just to shut them up to be honest.

The teams split into two with half doing market research and the other brainstorming ideas. One of the boys teams ideas was for a t-shirt which would then change its image at the whim of the wearer, but this was deemed to be too complicated for their timescale and this idea went on the backburner and they came up with the idea for a jumper with a built in camera to record people’s experiences which can then be played back at their leisure.

The girls came up with a smart jacket which not only lights up in different colours so as to match it with a different outfit but also comes with a mobile phone charger in the pocket powered by solar panels built into the shoulders of the jacket, which their market research suggested was a brilliant idea.

The next day the teams had to pitch their products to John Lewis, JD Sports and something called Firebox. The pitches went rather badly with the boys’ product being likened to a Christmas jumper which Daniel agreed with, also stating that he would not wear the product in public and despite the retailers worry about privacy with someone having a camera taking video of everything that they do Robert dismissed that notion immediately.

The girls’ pitches didn’t go much better either, as they didn’t seem excited about their product either, but at least they didn’t admit that their idea stunk like the boys did.

In the end the boys garnered no orders at all from any of the retailers and the girls managed 250 orders from Firebox so the girls won yet again despite not doing a fantastic job themselves.

In the boardroom accusations flew back and forth as per usual but Lord Sugar got to the bottom of it rather quickly. He wasn’t happy that Robert didn’t take up his less-than-subtle suggestion to be the project manger and immediately fired him off before he sent the others away.

This wasn’t the end of it for the boys either as Scott was also fired for being a terrible project manager, and quite rightly so in my opinion.