Doctor Who : Flatline

Flatline had some interesting concepts and saw the exterior dimensions of the TARDIS reduce to such a size that the Doctor is trapped inside his space time machine. This allowed Clara to take centre stage, with help from the Doctor, to stop the aliens.

The aliens in question were also quite different to what we are used to in that they don’t really have much of a physical form, which in fact made them more scary than they might otherwise have been. It also meant that for virtually the entire episode that the Doctor and Clara were separated which meant that Clara got more than her fair share of the action in this episode as she had to be the Doctor’s eyes and ears for much of the episode, as he was otherwise engaged stuck inside his own TARDIS.

This is an idea that I am pretty sure that they have never used before and it is quite an interesting idea with the external dimensions of the TARDIS changing and I quite liked the way that this was shown by making the door smaller and smaller each time. I guess that is how it probably would work and does make for some quite amusing scenes such as the Doctor righting the TARDIS by putting his hand out of the door and flipping it back the right way, which is not something that you have ever seen done in the show before. Never before has the Doctor had to resort to making his point by just pointing at things.

In a sense the Doctor was quite helpless in this story as there was little that he could do when trapped inside the TARDIS unable to get out and it would have made quite an interesting two-hander if they had both been stuck inside the TARDIS for a whole adventure which one day I hope they do as I think that would be a very interesting episode indeed.

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were both at their very best in this episode with Coleman showing her strengths as an actor as she was the real star of this episode and not the Doctor. Still Capaldi was very good as he fills the screen whenever he appears.

There has certainly been a lot more interior TARDIS scenes in this story than there had for a long time and in this case most of them just feature the Doctor on his own and are still compelling viewing proving that Capaldi is one of the finest actors ever to have played the Doctor even if he is playing the Doctor in such a way that it is difficult to like him as he always tends to rub people up the wrong way even if he doesn’t mean too.

I am getting to like the new TARDIS interior now that we are seeing a lot more of it than we have before as I wasn’t quite convinced by it when I first saw it, but now I really like it and hope that we continue to see more of it in future episodes.

This episode also had plenty of merchandising opportunities appearing in it such as the little TARDIS that you can put in a handbag and also the funny cube thing that the TARDIS later turned into which I am certain we will see in the shops this Christmas and if we don’t then it will be a crying shame as I would like one for my desk!