In October I read Operation Luna, The Red Planet and The World in Peril the three books based upon the Journey into Space radio series from the 1950s which were almost as good as the radio versions of the stories but lacked something that the originals had.

I also read Scully and Scully and Mooey the two books that the Scully television series were based upon which were very much like the tv series but a bit more adult with more bad language and adult themes that the tv series got away with. Still bloody funny though.

Tales of Trenzalore a few short stories set during the Eleventh Doctor’s self imposed exile on Trenzalore at the end of his era was a not bad little read with each of the stories featuring a different enemy from the Doctor’s past trying to kill him. For me the best of the bunch was the story featuring the Krynoid.

The Death Pit, A Handful of Stardust and Into the Nowhere part of the time trips range of Doctor Who ebooks. These are short stories by famous authors but featuring characters from the television series. A Handful of Stardust was my favourite of these three with its meeting of the sixth Doctor and Doctor John Dee which was a perfect recreatio of its era.

I also read The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists which is one of those books that everybody should read like Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and The Road to Wigan Pier for an examination of what life was like for people like me in the past, which sadly isn’t far removed from how they live today.