The task in week four of The Apprentice was for each of the teams to create a YouTube channel, populate it with content and the winner was the group whose channel got the most views.

Solomon was named the project manager for Summit due to his innate geekiness and love of all things online with Ella Jade the project manager of Tenacity as she wanted to set up a television production company, which is obviously the same thing as a YouTube channel.

Both teams quickly decide on a theme with Tenacity going for fitness and Summit opting for food. Felipe came up with the concept of Fat Daddy’s Fitness Hell as he himself is a fat daddy; well more of a slightly chubby daddy and the videos were examples of Felipe’s Fat Daddy character trying to get fit while everyone else called him a fat bastard. Summit had James and Roisin pissing about with food and little else.

Both teams thought that their ideas were very funny and few people on Tenacity thought that their idea was a little bit offensive apart from Daniel who mentioned it right at the end just before they were about to upload the stuff. The only thing that was really wrong about Summits was that it was a little bit on the childish side but, then again, as Solomon is only about 12 years old then it was exactly the sort of thing that he would find very funny indeed.

Both teams pitched their ideas to Buzzfeed in the vain hope that they will feature their videos in the list of things to watch on YouTube. Steven leads the pitch for Tenacity and proceeds to waffle for the entire pitch without really making a good selling point for his channel whereas Mark, Solomon and Bianca do a better job at bigging up their channel. Both teams failed to win over Buzzfeed and neither of them was featured on the website the following day, no surprises really.

Solomon was lauded as the best project manager ever with Ella Jade being attacked from all sides most notably by Pamela who criticised her for being indecisive and lacking leadership. In the end it came down to views of the channels and Summit finally won a task with 3532 views to Tenacity’s 3314, which was a bit of a hollow victory but a victory nonetheless.

Tenacity then begin to blame each and every member for the failure of the task and it is amazing that Ella Jade managed to narrow it down to just two people to take back into the boardroom with her, as they all equally deserved to go in as much as the others did.

It was Steven and Sarah who was the two that she did chose in the end and all they did was to argue between themselves each blaming the other for the failure of the task. In the end Lord Sugar got rid of all three of them in the first triple firing of the shows history mostly I think just to shut them up.

I do think that the rest of Tenacity were lucky as anyone of them could have been in that final three and could now be driving away from the prize which they all so hotly covet.