This week in the Apprentice the teams both had to come up and sell to the actual paying public a coach tour each. Sanjay and Daniel were the project managers for this task. Summit decided that they would do a Historical tour of Kent and Tenacity chose a very British tour round Oxfordshire.

Summit decided to price their tickets at around £60 per head whereas as Tenacity initially pick £80-85 per head and then thanks to Mark top it up to a £100 per head.

Half the teams go to scout for places for their tour to visit and to negotiate any discounts that they can get with the other half trying to sell tickets for the tours themselves. Tenacity visit Blenheim Palace and manage to get a deal of £9.50 per person which was quite a lot less than the normal group rate. This was down to Mark who proudly told everyone that it was the Australian charm that did it.

Summit try Hever Castle, the childhood home of Anne Boleyn and James tired to get them down from £12.25 to just £3.50 per person but fails miserably and ends up being rather aggressive towards the woman who worked there.

As it took James forever to try and wear down the woman from Hever Castle they had to rush to The Canterbury Tales exhibit which they very nearly ran out of time to get but they just about managed it. Daniel ‘The Sales Machine, Lassman headed up the sales team for Tenacity but failed to sell any tickets himself with the rest of the sub team making five sales between them, but then again the tickets were rather highly priced so it is not surprising that they didn’t manage to shift that many.

When the teams shift their focus towards groups Felipe finds a group of very bored foreign students for Tenacity and Daniel manages to sell whole four tickets for a massive knock down on the pricing strategy. For Summit Bianca manages to sell 9 tickets for £40 each selling out their tour but making a loss on the original pricing plan.

Tenacity amazingly manages to sell 20 out of their 25 seats on the tour and that was mostly down to Felipe. When they get back to the house some of the candidates swot up on their new specialist subjects whilst some of them just iron stickers onto t-shirts.

On the day itself both teams decide that the best way to save money is to keep the food costs low and to make money make sure that you don’t give them anything to drink unless they pay for it and have the worst lunch that you could possible wish for when you have paid a pretty penny for a tour.

As for the tours themselves Lauren gave an excellent tour of Blenheim Palace without resorting to cue cards or books, which cannot be said for Emma’s tour of Hever which was quite possibly the worse tour that you could possibly imagine ever including showing them a photograph of Henry VIII.

The tours got worse for the poor passengers some of whom were treated (if that is the right word for it) to James rendition of The Wheels of the Bus and were basically hurries along as if they were nothing more than cattle the candidates were trying to get from one pen to the other. Felipe bores everyone to death with his talk on Oxfordshire dressed a lot of like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins but without the Mockney accent (which would have improved it if you ask me) and Sanjay and his team get lost and have to cut short their Canterbury Tales sojourn because they were running so far behind not caring at all about their passengers.

Back in the boardroom Sanjay is criticised for plucking a figure of £65 out of thin air, James was criticised for his aggressive selling style, Jemma was criticised for doing very little and providing a really crap tour, which she didn’t really argue with.

Due to Tenacity’s higher ticket price and their really cheap lunches they managed to win despite not selling all of their seats by £234.29 so if they have shifted the rest they would have won by a hell of lot more and that despite Felipe’s sleeping inducing talk about Oxford.

James nearly gets fired before they have even started to look into why the task failed but something kept him from doing so and then Sanjay took Bianca and Jemma into the boardroom with him Jemma for the tour and the lack of contribution made and Bianca for selling loads of tickets at a very cheap price. Bianca was very quickly told that she had done enough to keep her place; Sanjay sailed closed to the wind by his poor start with setting the prices low and Jemma was fired mostly because neither Lord Sugar, Karen nor Nick thought that she had really shone in any of the tasks so far, so off she went.