Doctor Who : Dark Water

The finale started with a bang in more ways than one, and certainly not in a good way for Danny Pink who was hit by a car before the opening titles as Clara was trying to tell him something over the phone.

Danny then wakes up in a strange place and the first person he sees is Chris Addison rather than Michelle Gomez as most of the characters that had died did this series and he explains to Danny what had happened, how he was dead but that there was more life to be had for him.

Quite why she felt that it couldn’t wait until they saw each other, which I assume is what he was doing when it happened, is not made clear and we never did find out what it what is she was going to say, but it must have been quite important.

It can be argued that she was going to tell him that she had been lying to him about not spending time with the Doctor after they had their little talk, particularly with the little post-it notes that she had plastered over the walls in front of her when she was making the call.

Or perhaps she was trying to tell him that she was pregnant which would make sense as we know that in the future there is a human who is a descendent of Danny Pink and Clara, which makes even more sense after what happened to Danny in the first bit of this episode if she wasn’t already pregnant that is.

There was a scene in an earlier episode where the Doctor scanned Clara with his sonic screwdriver and states that she is a mix of hormones and chemicals also implying that she may well be pregnant, so that is why I think that this was one of the things that Clara wanted to say to Danny, as she couldn’t possibly have guessed what would happen next.

It has to be said that this episode had a very different view on the dead than you would normally get with the main one being that they feel everything that happens to their body such as feeling cold when they were being kept in a cold place and ultimately what they would feel if they were cremated, which really doesn’t bear thinking about.

There was an interesting scene between Clara and the Doctor where she appears to destroy all of the TARDIS keys because the Doctor says that he won’t help her to get Danny back, which was a very strong seen indeed, despite the fact that it was a hallucination, but was something that she would have done I have no doubt.

I also liked the fact that the Doctor kept a TARDIS key in a copy of The Time Travellers Wife and I also wondered why he only has seven copies of the key as I would imagine it would take a certain type of key cutter to make a copy of that particular key.

When Missy first appeared and said that she was an AI interface I almost believed her and I certainly did not expect her reveal at the end of episode which was quite a shock I tell you. It was rather amusing to see her snog the Doctor’s face off, coupled with the Doctors rather disgusted reaction to, which is so unlike the current run of Doctors who would have snogged her right back, especially after the reveal at the end of the episode, which you would never have imagined would ever have happened ever!

Even though I knew that the Cybermen were appearing in this episode I didn’t twig at first that the Skeletons suspended in the liquid were actually Cybermen until they were revealed to be so.

Even though the very idea of dark water which only shows organic material and that they were all in exoskeleton’s didn’t strike a chord with me either until I noticed that the doors in the neversphere had windows in the shape of cyberman eyes complete with the little tear drop.

Then I twigged and boy did I feel stupid after all of those massive hints earlier on in the episode but then again it often takes a little while with me for things to truly sink in but afterwards when you actually sit down and think about it, it does actually make sense and you cannot believe that you didn’t see it much earlier.

This was very much a scene setter for the finale proper and this certainly ticked all the boxes in setting up for what I am sure will be a barnstorming finale!