This week’s task in The Apprentice was to create, design and flog a new board game to the trade and retailers. In a market saturated with all sorts of board games it seemed difficult to come with an idea that hadn’t been done before, as most of the best ideas have already been done years ago.

James took the project managers mantle for Summit to show that he is a serious candidate for the process and not just a clown with Pamela doing the same for Tenacity after Mark said that he thought she should have a go at being project manager as he hadn’t seen her do it before, which was a bit of an odd thing to say when he isn’t Lord Sugar and has no say in who is hired and fired.

The teams went to away to come up a concept for the games. Mark took the lead for Tenacity by suggesting a relationship based game for adults, which the entire team agreed on whilst Summit went for the family fun market, which I would have thought would have been the best one to go for in my opinion. Felipe, Mark and Lauren did some market research with a bunch of gamers who hated the idea of a relationship game.

This was fed back to Pamela who decided to ignore the research and go ahead with the original idea anyway which meant that Mark was going to distance himself from his original idea as far as he possibly could. Summit pitch their idea of a game where you have to guess a country by different clues be the visual or pictorial or descriptive, to a bunch of school kids who absolutely loved it.

Daniel who’s day job is running pub quizzes was charged with writing the questions for Tenacity which you would assume would be a piece of piss for someone who does this for a living wouldn’t you, but you would be totally wrong. Mark proclaimed the image used for the box was the best thing he had seen ever.

In general things were going relatively swimmingly for Summit with the game coming together well and the team working well together well apart from James and Bianca who constantly argued during their games photo shoot with James insisting that he had the final say on everything as he was the project manager and accusing Bianca of trying to take over when all she was doing was offering him advice which he wasn’t willing to accept from her. Still it could have been worse, they could have been Tenacity.

Daniel wrote the questions and tried some of them out on Pamela but as she wasn’t listening he could have said pretty much anything, which is what the questions amounted to in the end really. 150 copies of the games were finally produced for the teams to hawk the following day.

James manages to get Toys R Us to buy 30 units for Summit, Sanjay flogs 15 units to an independent toy shop, and 15 units are sold to a shop who only takes it on the basis that they have exclusivity for the game for the postcode NW3.

Bianca then offers small shop exclusivity for the borough of Westminster. This meant that they had to work hard to get Waterstones to by some as their flagship store is in Westminster. Somehow they are persuaded to buy 29 units to sell online only.

Summit are criticised vociferously by Waterstone for being offensive but Toys r Us agree to buy 60 units anyway so it didn’t end all badly for them, but perhaps they felt sorry for them. When it came down to it Summit sold all of the board games despite it being totally offensive with Tenacity selling 128 of theirs. Not only had that but Summit sold them for higher prices than Tenacity did winning quite comprehensively.

When it came down to taking the blame all of the tried to cover their arses in some shape or form with Daniel and Lauren joining Pamela in the boardroom for the final showdown, Daniel for the crap questions and Lauren for nothing that anyone could particularly work out to be honest.

Lauren was pretty safe this week as she didn’t really do anything particularly wrong in this task but was still pulled into the bottom three anyway. Daniel sailed quite close to the wind for this task but there was something that made Lord Sugar save him, some spark that he could sense deep within him I guess.

So it was Pamela who was fired for this and to be honest it was the right choice as she was adamant at doing this relationship game despite all of the comments from the focus group and for that reason alone she made the wrong choice and the failure should rest on her shoulders. However I do think that Mark should have been called in as well as it was all his idea in the first place. As he outsold pretty much everyone he would have been safe, but it would have be interesting to see him a little bit worried about his place for once.