Doctor Who : Death in Heaven

Death in Heaven, the final episode of series 8, starts off with Clara trying to convince the Cybermen that she is the Doctor by spouting all sort of information about him and claiming that Clara was just a fictional construct that he had created in order to fool them which then led into a title sequence where Jenna Coleman was credited before Peter Capaldi and we even got Clara’s eyes in the titles rather than Capaldi’s which was certainly a different way to start.

Part of this scene was in the next time bit at the end of the forest episode and I reckon that people thought that this might be something about Clara that we didn’t know about that perhaps she was a sham and not who we thought she was but in the end it was just a way for Clara to get out of a tight situation and allowed them to have a little bit of fun with the titles rather than a plot point, which might have be interesting with regards to who Clara really was, but in the end she really was just plain old Clara and not anything else at all.

The Cybermen in this episode which seem to be primarily made out of dead humans can also fly, which is certainly a new trick that they have learnt and which makes them a little bit scarier than they were before. I also think that it will be quite a while before a lot of young fans can walk past a graveyard for a little while without expecting a Cybermen to appear scrabbling out of a grave, which was certainly a rather arresting image.

It does appear that the Cybermen can only reanimate people who were buried and not people who were cremated as there wouldn’t be much of them to reanimate at all. As soon as that was mentioned then it was obvious that Danny, who had just died, would then become a Cyberman, and would then proceed to rescue Clara from the clutches of the Cybermen in St Pauls.

However, luckily for Clara, and for us, this CyberDanny is not like other Cybermen, he is not quite complete, as he is able to feel things, things that he shouldn’t have to now that he is a cyberman and in a scene which is almost heart breaking CyberDanny pleads with Clara to let him go and remove the inhibitor that makes him feel, so that he cannot have to carry on in the way that he is at that moment.

In a way you can really understand why he doesn’t want to carry on and why he wants this, but you can also see if from Clara’s point of view as well as you wouldn’t want to lose the person you love either and, if you have ever been, or are, in love, then you will understand this quandary that she is in. For the Doctor, of course, it is black and white, but not for Clara.

However the Doctor cannot bring himself to kill the Master at the end of the story either so in many ways he is not that different to the rest of us as for Clara there is no doubt that the Master should die for what Clara perceived her for doing but the Doctor has other ideas.

As for the Master I was a little bit shocked that the Master was now a woman but there is nothing to say that this isn’t a possibility and as the Master now seems to inhabit other peoples bodies then in this case he just happened to find a body that was female and available at the time which is why the new Master is a female.

It does open up the possibility that the Doctor could become female at some time but I really don’t think that it is ever going to happen in the TV series, but it is nice to know that it can happen.

There is also the new possibility that Gallifrey is actually out there somewhere and perhaps that is what the Doctor is going to look for in the next series.

Personally, I think he should have realised that the Master was lying when she told him that Gallifrey had gone back to its original place in time which is probably why he tried to beat the living shit out of the console when he realised that she had tricked him, probably out of anger that he had actually believed her in the first place, rather than anger that he still didn’t know where it was and the fact that she does know where it is.

This was bound to be true as the last time we saw the Master he was trapped on Gallifrey so wherever it went he went also, and now the Master has managed to escape then there is the chance that other Time Lords also escaped and perhaps that Gallifrey isn’t as far away, or as hard to get to, as he originally thought.

With all of the recently deceased becoming Cybermen in this episode it made perfect sense that the Brigadier might also end up as Cyberman because he too had recently died. Perhaps the link with the Doctor meant that he was never truly able to be completely converted to an emotionless Cyberman as we saw with Danny.

Some people thought that this was bit disrespectful to the memory of the Brigadier but I fail to see why that is as it means that he is now free to roam the Earth protecting a person, which is what he always did during his lifetime, even if it is as a Cyberman!

If that is the case then I also like to think that there are other deceased former companions who are now friendly Cybermen out to save the world. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I am also glad that they resisted the temptation to bring Danny back at the end of the episode as it made perfect sense for Danny to do what he did sending that child back in his place based on his characterisation throughout the season and was a lovely little full stop on his character arc.

As for the scene in the middle of the titles, well, I just don’t know what to think!