The candidates were charged with the task of creating, producing, marketing a new soft drink for the American market in this week’s Apprentice task. Daniel, Mark and Lauren all vied for the project managers job for Tenacity in this task with Mark being the one who was chosen based upon his statement that that was what he did for a living to which the others teams agreed that he was the best person for the job even if Nick pointed out that wasn’t what he actually did for a day job. For Summit Bianca was chosen as the pm for the main reason that she hadn’t been one so far and was therefore her turn.

Half of the team had to remain in London and come up with the idea, create the drink and work out the marketing strategy whereas the other half of the team would pitch to a lot of hot shot execs in American and make the video advertisement. Cue lot of argument about who should and who shouldn’t go to New York which they all so obviously do.

Mark decides to leave Daniel and Katie back in London and take Felipe and Lauren with him to New York. Bianca decides that she should go to New York alongside James and Solomon with Sanjay and Roisin staying London. Sanjay decides that he should have gone to New York and not remained in London whilst Roisin doesn’t seem that bothered either way.

Tenacity decides on a healthy drink which Mark tells them needs to be exciting and bold and new to stand out in such a crowded market place. Daniel comes up with the name Lovewater which goes down like a lead balloon with the rest of the team but also suggests Aqua Fusion which they like better even if does sound like toothpaste!

Summit decide on a caffeine-based drink and by the time they get to the airport they have decided on a name for their brand, Big Dawg. Well half the team have decided upon the name.

Daniel and Katie and Sanjay and Roison beaver away creating their drinks which they all think are amazing and will easily beat the other teams offering and also branding for their drinks which they also think is far superior to the other teams as well.

When the drinks finally arrive in the States it is Big Dawg that gets the best response from the public when they go out and give away samples all over New York with Aqua Fusion not really making many waves.

Back in London the billboards are designed and set up whereas in New York both teams make their videos. Felipe, Lauren and Mark do a video featuring a family featuring Lauren as the Doctor promoting their brand as being a family brand whereas Bianca, James and Solomon made their video as just some talking heads saying what their drink allows them to do.

The sight of the billboard brings a tear to Felipe’s eyes and it was quite touching to see him so moved at the sight. Mark proclaims it to be the place for people like him who are in advertising. The others seem quite please as well but not as moved as Felipe was.

None of the pitches went that well to be honest. Lauren stumbled over her words a bit which is odd when she was word perfect when she was going to guided tours. Summit’s pitches went better even though there advert and their product name were derided by all present.

Back in Blighty Lord Sugar got the opinion on the team’s products and branding etc and called them back in. Summit just about managed to win as it was decided that Aqua Fusion was a really shit product and wouldn’t do anything in the American market.

At that point Daniel must have been sure that Mark would be gunning for him even though he said that he would back him 100% percent with the decisions that he made on the task but as soon as Lord Sugar questioned this he was immediately on his guard and proceeded to lay the blame firmly at Daniel’s feet and it was Daniel who he took into the boardroom with him alongside Lauren who he claimed did nothing throughout the task even though she did appear in the advert and did give some input into the task even if it wasn’t a huge amount.

Lauren was then accused of not really showing anything throughout the process so far, which led to her being given the elbow at the expense of Mark who really was the one who should have gone, but just about managed to wriggle out of it. I quite liked Lauren she seemed above the backbiting that the rest of the candidates seem to revel in, which is why I liked her, but in the end she wasn’t quite conniving enough to go further in the process so off she went.