For this week’s task the candidates were sent to the Royal Bath and West show where they had to pick two new items to sell at the show, and also an item that was already on sale at the show, and as normal the team who made the most money was going to win.

Katie wanted to be the project manager for Tenacity but the boys decided to pick Felipe instead. James wanted to be project manager for Summit and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so he got his way.

The teams went out and met some people who had items for them to choose. There were a number of items that they could have chosen from including a robot for cleaning out your gutter, a self flushing cat box, a pair of wellies that you can fold for no seemingly good reason, a bike trailer for kids, a handbag made from a flat cap and a chair suspended in a pyramid shaped frame.

Summit decide that their best options were the pet tracking device and the bike trailer but James for a reason known only to him decide not to listen to them and pick the wellies and the chair. This didn’t go down well with the other team who simply couldn’t understand what James was doing. Tenacity chose the handbags and the bike trailer and no one could work out why they chose them either.

They also had to charm some prospective sellers into letting them flog their stuff including a man who sold hot tubs for 3000 apiece and some sit on lawnmowers. Daniel and Katie and James and Roisin were the team members who went to look at these items. Both teams agreed that the hot tubs were the best option as if they sold only a few of them that they would win by miles. In the end Tenacity get the hot tubs to sell mostly because Daniel and Katie got the blokes name right during the negotiations. James chooses not to tell his team the reason they lost the hot tubs and tells them that he thought the lawnmowers were a better options, which none of the rest of the team bought, but had to accept. Roisin couldn’t believe what James was doing but he said that was his choice and he was project manager so there.

When it came down to who would sell what Felipe decided to let Mark and Katie sell the hot tubs which didn’t go down well with Daniel who had actually been part of the winning bid leaving him with Felipe to sell the flat caps and the bike trailer. Mark just told Felipe that he would be the best person and Felipe agreed. To say Daniel was pissed off would be the biggest understatement of the year and he spent the rest of the day arguing with Felipe about why he didn’t pick him to sell the hot tubs and between them they sold hardly anything.

The other team did slightly better and managed to sell quite a few of the wellies and the chair to the unsuspecting public who had gone out for a nice day and end up being badgered into buying something that they don’t either need or want.

Mark and Katie did well with the hot tubs and ending up selling seven to one bloke which both elated and destroyed Daniel. James and Roisin were not quite as fortunate as Mark was and, as a result of the deal by Mark, Tenacity won by country mile, but Daniel still wasn’t happy as he would have sold eight hot tubs.

James chose the boardroom as the correct time to tell the other members of the team why they didn’t get the hot tubs and said that he did it for their own good, not that they saw it that way at all, quite the opposite in fact. James them picked Sanjay to come into the boardroom with him as he sold bugger all and surprisingly picked Roisin for no readily apparent reason that anyone could think off.

In the boardroom Roisin found her voice and ripped James a new one and Sanjay begged that he was not at his best this task but would do better in the next task honest. James tried to give Lord Sugar a sob story which would have worked if he was in The X-Factor but he was fired for being too much of a loose cannon who Lord Sugar couldn’t seem himself working with which is what it is all about in the end so James had to go but Sanjay was bloody lucky. It would have been a travesty if Roisin had gone so it was between Sanjay and James for me and in the end the right person went but I don’t think Sanjay will last much longer either.