Atlantis A New Dawn

It has been a year since Pasiphae was banished from Atlantis and Minos has also died, or as I call it ‘gone to Westeros’, leaving the lovely Ariadne as Queen.

When she hears that the nearby town of Therea is under siege by Pasiphae and her men she send Jason and therefore Hercules and Pythagoras, to rescue Lord Sarpedon who was one of her father’s oldest friends who was banished from Atlantis for trying to overthrow Minos, but who appears to have turned over a new leaf and really, really wants to be back in Atlantis. Jason completes his task and brings Sarpedon back to Atlantis where Ariadne decides that he has had plenty of time to regret his actions in the past and is probably now over his claims to Atlantis.

However when Sarpedon is alone he opens a crate that he has bought with him which contains a young woman named Medea. Sarpendon has bought Medea with him for one reason and one reason only to steal a relic called the Palladium from the Atlantean vaults and give it over to Pasiphae, whose pay Sarpendon is now under. Medea manages to steal the Palladium and almost gets away with it until the who place starts to shake as she leaves with the relic. She is soon spotted by the guards who give chase but she tricks them and leaps to what appears to be her death but instead lands on the back of a strange winged creature.

Soon the news of the Palladium filters through the whole of Atlantis and the whole city in turmoil as the city is now no longer protected by the Palladium and that they are now a sitting target.

Ariadne has no choice but to send Jason, and his pals, to get the Palladium back as her city falls apart around her and Pasiphae plots to raid Atlantis and get the crown, she truly believes belongs to her, back.

The very first thing that I notice about this series is that they have done away with the title sequence and the episode starts right away with the main cast names appearing on screen. I actually quite like this as the titles were rather cheesy to begin with, so I don’t miss them. I also noticed that Aiysha Hart
is now in the list of main characters as well and so she should be.

The second series of Atlantis starts as it means to go with Pasiphae wanting the crown of Atlantis back in her grubby little mitts, not caring about what she has to do to get it back, about who she tramples on, and who she has to kill to get it and it looks like poor Ariadne is going to bear the brunt of that this season.

In these opening episodes she very nearly looses the city if it wasn’t for a few of her people, and Jason, managing to try and stop Pasiphae and her troops from taking the city by storm, and, lest not forget, it was her who let in the man who started it all by stealing the Palladium in the first place. To be fair to her when she found out about his deceitfulness she showed that she can be equally ruthless as Pasiphae in her own way, which was a nice character point for her.

Pasiphae was her usual evil self and showed no compunction in any of her actions in these episodes with the only thing in her sights being the city of Atlantis, which is going to make her far more dangerous than when the was in the previous season.
Medea is a new character for this series who appears to be on the side of Pasiphae and is rather handy with a sword and has some interesting moves which suggests that there is more to her than meets the eye. Only time will tell what her part this series will be as she didn’t have a great deal to do in this story after she stole the Palladium.

There was a harder edge to Atlantis in these first two episodes than in the majority of the first series and I think that this serious is going to be like this from the word go, which I think is a good thing and I am looking forward to seeing Pasiphae thwarted at every turn over the next eleven weeks.