The two teams got a shock when Lord Sugar turned up at the house unannounced when they were all in the jim jams to tells them about their next task. Each team was charged with finding nine items from a list provided, and to negotiate the best price that they could for the item and then get back to boardroom at an appointed time. There would be fines for any items that were not obtained, and also, a penalty for being late back to the boardroom.

The items that they had to source included an anatomically correct skeleton, a diamond, a Belfast sink, a Kosher chicken, nigella seeds, Oud oil etc.

Daniel and Sanjay took the reins as project manager for this task but ever other member of Summit also wanted to be the project manager.

For Summit Daniel and Felipe and Mark and Katie each went off to get the stuff with the idea to get it as cheap as possible as quickly as they could ever mindful of the fines that being late would bring them.
Whilst this was happening Sanjay and the rest of Tenacity decided to remain at the house while they sourced the items before actually getting started!

Summit got to work very quickly getting the chicken and the Belfast sink trying to persuade the bloke selling the sinks not to give the other team a better deal, which he then promptly did exactly the opposite of what Mark requested and sold Tenacity a more bashed up sink but for quite a lot less money.

Daniel and Felipe thought that they had hit the jackpot when Felipe saw an anatomically correct skeleton for sale for just £15. The fact that it was made of paper and had to be assembled did not hold much truck with Felipe who stated that nowhere on the brief did it say that the skeleton had to be assembled and to be fair to him it did not say anything about it being assembled as far as I could tell.

Bianca and Solomon found one, which answered to the name of Steve, which cost them more than £200 but was a fully assembled skeleton that you might see in a doctor’s surgery or a medical student’s room doubling as a hat stand!

Tenacity did well on the diamond which Roisin got for a measly £50 mainly because the dealer liked the look of her and reminded him of his wife and wanted to tup her (and who would blame him), but failed to get either the chicken or the tea. Summit managed to get all of their items and were first back to the boardroom assured of their imminent victory.

In the boardroom Sanjay was accused of lacking organisational skills one thing that he stated was the reason for his being the pm on this task and Daniel was roundly praised for being a fantastic pm which pumped him up no end until Lord Sugar saw their paper skeleton which he decided had to be a joke. When he realised that they weren’t joking and that they were deadly serious he was even angrier than before.

When it came down to the number Summit spent a grand total of £644.97 with Tenacity spending a measly £399.99 but Lord Sugar threw a spanner in their works by fining Summit for not cutting down the rope to the specified length and then fines them the guide price of the skeleton which meant that Summit actually won, much to the joy of Sanjay who must have seen himself in the taxi already.

This left Daniel nonplussed by now meant that the daggers were firmly pointed in his direction, particularly by Mark and Katie who both were gunning for him big time. For some reason Daniel chose to blame Katie for the fine on the rope as she was the sub team leader and had little choice but to bring Felipe back as well after his attempt to baffle Lord Sugar with technicalities. So Mark got away scot free again.

Unfortunately for Felipe he was onto a loser from the beginning the moment he entered the boardroom as there was no way that he could have fired Katie for this task as her mistake was not as catastrophic as his was for the team and Daniel is like Teflon so it was Felipe who was the person fired.

Daniel has more lives than a cat and lives to fight another day and battle with Mark once more which will always be fun to watch. In the end Felipe was a bit too nice for his own good, and not as ruthless as his teammates, which is why he ended up g