Atlantis : Telemon

In the third episode of Atlantis the city is preparing for the Coronation games, where a group of people fight each other until only one is left for the pleasure of the Queen. Ariadne requests a champion from the city and Deon chooses Jason as he is the best that they have in Atlantis and is also the one person that the Queen is deeply in love with and also wants to tup like crazy.

Jason feels the same way about the Queen but knows that they can never be together as he is a mere commoner and she is of royal blood. Of course we the audience know that Jason is not just a commoner but he doesn’t know this and neither does Ariadne and that is just the way that it has to be.

Just before the competition Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras rescue this man, Telemon, from being killed and invite back to Atlantis where they soon discover that not only is he participating in the contest, but that he is actually a prince and is also there to try to persuade Ariadne to marry him. Hercules and Pythagoras both trust Telemon about as far as they throw him but Jason seems to be more trusting than either of them and takes him at face value.

When one of the other competitors says that she has seen him before in a prison camp Pythagoras is sure that he cannot be a prince, but Telemon then admits that he was once in the prison camp despite his status as a prince. However the person who called him was soon found dead which made Pythagoras and Hercules even more suspicious of him.

It was no surprise that it was Jason and Telemon who were to be in the final, and also no surprise that Telemon would try and cheat to win, as that is what you need to do to win this sort of contest, unless of course you are Jason.

In the end it doesn’t matter that he lost the contest to Jason as Ariadne accepted Telemon’s proposal and agreed to marry him, for the good of their two cities. You know as soon as she agrees to this that it is going to be a bad decision but a Queen has to do what a Queen has to do to help her city and her people.

For me it was a bit too obvious that Telemon was not all that her purported to be from the moment that we clapped eyes on him and it was only Pythagoras and Hercules who actually thought that he was up to no good, as the only real person that Ariadne should be with is Jason, and other suitors that she has are more than likely not going to feel the same way about her as Jason does.

Time will only tell if Hercules and Pythagoras were right about Telemon.