Atlantis : The Marriage Of True Minds

Ariadne and Telemon’s marriage was about to take place and for some reason Telemon insisted that they had to go to his city, so that he could present her to his father and, for some reason, Ariadne agreed to this without much persuading so of course she asks Jason to come along with her to escort her to her wedding, to which Jason agrees, again a little bit to easily if you ask me. Perhaps he thought that if he went along she might suddenly change her mind or something, or at least hoped that that might happen, no matter what the odds were.

It did seem like they were all walking straight into a trap, and not a happy wedding ceremony, especially when you saw Telemon with Pasiphae at the start of the episode, and it wasn’t long before they were being shot at, and attacked from all sides, and more than half of Ariadne’s retinue slaughtered.

Telemon then revealed his true plan and then buggered off back to Pasiphae who didn’t give a shit about Telemon’s failure to top Ariadne, rather than tup her, and shot him down from his horse leaving him to fend for his own in the desert, which is little more than he deserved if you ask me after his actions in this and the previous episode and I don’t care if we never seem him again either.

Luckily for them the remaining members of Ariade’s retinue including an injured Deon comes across a group of people on a pilgrimage who agrees to let them accompany them for a while. Sadly they are also attacked and some of them are killed so they take refuge in a cave which is also a mausoleum and Pasiphae follows them in close behind. Then Ariadne spots Pasiphae draws her bow, fires and pierces her former stepmother. Medea screams and there is a loud crash and her and Hercules fall from walkway and that is it for this episode.

In this episode we see Ariadne change from a princess to a warrior, and discover that she is pretty handy with a bow as well as being very pretty. We also learned that Telemon was a scoundrel, not that the majority of the audience didn’t already think that.

I am really enjoying this second series of Atlantis with this ongoing storyline as it really suits it and keeps me interested and wanting to know what happens next.