Puddings are the name of the game for the final task in this year’s series of The Apprentice with each team making, marketing and then pitching to massive retailers a new high end dessert, which they hoped would be popular enough to win them the task.

Lord Sugar decided to swap Daniel and Sanjay which pleased both Mark and Katie no end but didn’t seem to bother the other team that much, or at least, not that I really noticed.

The teams went away and decided who would be project managers for this task. It was Rosin and Katie who were made project managers as both of their business plans involve food.

After a bit of speaking to people in the know Summit opt to go for a cheesecake and Tenacity a trifle which are both good options as who doesn’t like either cheesecake or trifle?

Roisin decides that for her team it should be her and Bianca doing the packaging and the branding but when Solomon tells her that he is no good on making stuff she decides to swap Bianca with Solomon. Bianca is not happy but doesn’t make that much of a fuss about it, unlike Daniel, who is never bloody happy.

Katie lets Mark and Sanjay decide on the branding and packaging whilst she actually makes the product which does make sense. She is aiming for the lower end of the market than Roisin is and makes sure that her teams knows who they should be aiming at with their packaging and branding.

Roisin decides that her cheesecake must taste of tea and will not take no for an answer she mentions camomile to Solomon who mishears her and thinks she says Caramel. Sanjay mentions hibiscus for one of their flavour whatever that is, or perhaps he is making it up.

Bianca and Daniel go to a tea tasting session to get an idea of what they are going to be making their pudding out of and both have a taste of oolong tea. I have no idea what it is either! Katie also likes the idea of Hibiscus but doesn’t know what it either tastes of, or what it might go with!

Whilst half the team’s works on the branding and packaging Katie is coming up with new and wonderful ideas like a Mackem Willy Wonka throwing around Saffron like no tomorrow and trying to decide what will work best.

Bianca and Daniel make theirs without the liberal use of one of the most expensive ingredients known to man but decide that it taste a bit too much of tea, which is basically what Rosin was going for.

Sanjay and Mark name their product A Trifle Different which they both, particularly Sanjay, believe is the best name ever and will easily win the task hands down. Summit christens theirs Tea-Pot.

When it comes to the pitches the following day Roisin decides that she doesn’t want Daniel or Solomon anywhere near the pitches and sends them both off to get some feedback on their puddings as does Sanjay.

The general public aren’t that impressed with A Trifle Different but Sanjay decides that they all loved it and made sure that retailers were aware of how people loved their product and that they should order shit loads as it is really that good no questions asked guvnor.

Solomon and Daniel don’t get as much feedback on their puddings and end up missing the first pitch, much to the delight of Rosin and Bianca!

During the pitches it becomes clear that Katie has missed the boat completely in the flavours that she has chosen and that Roisin’s obsession with tea is not up to that much either as far as they were concerned. However it is the cheesecake which seems to be more popular than the trifles with the retailers at least.

In the end Summit got a total of 25,000 orders from the supermarkets with Tenacity getting only 13,500. Mark then decided that it was Katie’s fault; Sanjay also decides that it was Katie’s fault and Katie decides that Sanjay is the weakest link.

As there were only three of them there wasn’t any choice in which she would bring back and so it was down to the three of them for the firing line. At this point their business plans are scrutinised.

Mark’s seems to be something to do with digital media which he ensures will make a million in year one which made Lord Sugars eyes light up and ensured him a place in the final.

He also rubbished Sanjay’s business plan which, for some reason, Lord Sugar bought and Katie’s idea for a healthy eating restaurant came under fire when it became apparent that she didn’t have any experience in that field.

After Mark told Lord Sugar he would make a million then the other two didn’t stand a chance and they were both fired off very quickly.

Next time is the interviews which are always fun to watch the candidates squirm whilst their CV’s and business plans are ripped apart, dissected and closely examined within an inch of their lives.