In episode five we learned a little bit more about Medea, about how Pasiphae is the only person who has ever really understood her, and stood by her, explaining why she is in such a thrall with her, and why she doesn’t think that she is doing anything wrong.

Indeed Pasiphae has got her believing that she has the rightful claim to the throne and not Ariadne and that she also believes that Ariadne should be killed so that Pasiphae can take her rightful place on the throne. She even believes this despite Jason pointing out that Pasiphae has seemingly left her for dead in the tombs and that that obviously shows that Pasiphae doesn’t really give a flying fuck for her which would make anyone with a right mind consider the facts but I don’t think that Medea is in her right mind at all and this doesn’t even scrape her faith in Pasiphae one iota.

She hasn’t met anyone else like Jason either, as she cannot understand why he did not leave her to die in the tomb, which sort of gives an idea of the kinds of people she has had to deal with before this even and the company that she keeps.

This episode was a very tense one indeed as Hercules, Pythagoras, Ariadne and the remaining group of pilgrims tried to avoid being killed by the undead and Jason tries to find his way back to the others with Medea in tow.


Poor Deon who was half dead after being wounded in the previous episode wasn’t so lucky in this episode and died after being attacked by one of the undead only to return and try to attack the others moments later. Somehow they mostly manage to repel the undead but have scares on the way such as Ariadne who they thought for a moment might have been bitten only to soon realise that it was merely a cut and that she was not going to try and kill them all.

One of the remaining pilgrims wasn’t so lucky and soon ended up attacking the rest of the pilgrims and wounded one of them who chose not to tell the others that she has been attacked and there was a very touching scene later where the woman who was attacked was killed by the man she loved in order that she wouldn’t turn into a zombie and kill them all, which is the sort of thing that any man would do for the women he loves. Ariadne at that point decides that she doesn’t care who knows about her feelings for Jason which is about bloody time as well.

Unsurprisingly, for everyone except Jason, Medea turns on them and stabs Ariadne before fleeing. I was again impressed by this episode as it didn’t let up for one moment and then ending when you least expected it, but with a rather shocking ending.

I hope that Ariadne doesn’t die as that would be the worst thing that could happen, for the people of Atlantis at least.