The second series of The Musketeers is pretty much the same as the last series with The Musketeers trying to
protect the king and queen of France whilst one of their King’s inner circle is constantly trying to deceive the King and always trying to get one up on the Musketeers and try to have them killed at each and every turn.

In the first series it was Cardinal Richelieu who was then thorn in the musketeers side, this season it is going to be the Comte de Rochefort played by Marc Warren, who we first meet when he is about to be executed by a gang of men, and then proceeds to worm him way to the Kings Inner Council, and try to get the Musketeers killed as he is in fact a spy for the Spanish probably due to the fact that he was left to
rot in a Spanish prison by the French. Therefore there is certainly no love lost there, but he makes a good show of being loyal to France, or at least to the people who mattered.

In this episode they had to rescue a French general from the same prison where Rochefort was held and they also had to battle Rochefort himself and the governor of the prison which meant that Rochefort was trying to keep both the Musketeers onside and also the governor of the prison without either of them working out that
he was actually double bluffing each of them.

The episode moved along at quite a pace and there some moments of genuine peril, such as the moment when D’Artagnan tries to make him way into the prison via a well which was quite tense as you did actually wonder if he was going to make it, which is daft when you know that there was no way that he is not going to make it but for that moment it was quite touch and go, at least in my mind if no-one else’s.

The shoot out between the Musketeers and the Spanish guards was also fun to watch and the Spanish had the usual bad aim that most people seem to have in this sort of story, which was great for the Musketeers who were totally outnumbered by the Spanish guards.

Marc Warren is a good addition to the cast this series and I think that the series can survive the loss of Capaldi as there is plenty going on in this series what with the introduction of Rochefort, the Dauphin, and also the fact that this time the Musketeers are far stronger characters than they were before and viewers are now keener for them to succeed each week as a result.