The first episode of the fourth series of Death in Paradise offered us a new idea that a murder could be committed by a ghost as the victim, and all the other people present when it happened, were all holding hands at the time of the murder during a séance to raise the spirit of a dead woman who had been murdered on the site more than one hundred years ago.

Of course the reality of the situation was rather more straightforward than that but it was quite an interesting idea that seemed to be the most obvious motive for the murder at first glance at least.

We also discover that Fidel has left and is now working as a policeman on St Lucia and so the Police Commissioner joins in with the team for this episode much to their horror, especially Dwayne’s.

Once they started looking into the backgrounds and histories of the characters there were other more realistic motives that came to light (such as previous affairs, the victim coming out of retirement and sacking his own son, the victim being blackmailed by his own daughter) which in the end very much made sense but wasn’t quite as interesting as it would have been if the murder had been a ghost.

However if that had of been the case then it would have made for a very short episode and in this series you can never take anything at face value as there is always more to the actions of each and every character, one of the reasons why it such a fun show to watch and it also looks so bloody nice and warm, which it certainly isn’t here in the UK at the moment.