In the second episode the replacement for Fidel, Florence, starts with work the team. Immediately there is a murder as the owner of surf school is found dead in a locked room from a shotgun wound with no visible signs of escape from the room which shows that nobody left from there.

The school only has three pupils and the only other people nearby were the widow of the surf school owner and his best friend, a Doctor, who was the first person to discover him after the sound of the gunshot was heard.

At first sight it really does seem like it might have been suicide on the part of the surf shop owner when some of the revelations came rolling out about the lives and loves of the characters such as a life insurance policy taken out by the victim only a few days before his death, which covered him even if he was murdered, and the fact that he was suffering from a terminal disease.

A couple of the other people who might have been suspects were quickly dismissed by both the audience and by Humph as not being really likely perpetrators of the murder even if they did spend quite a lot of the episode looking incredibly nervous when the police were around.

Florence fits in will and Dwayne spends the majority of the episode making it look like he does everything around the place in case rumours of his true self have filtered through to her, but she is wise to him and enjoys watching him run himself ragged.

She tells him near the end of the episode that he doesn’t need to pretend around her which is good as it probably would have killed Dwayne as he had probably never worked so hard in his entire life.

In the end the way it all came to light was far cleverer than any of us thought it would have been which shows just how brilliant a detective Humph is with pulling all of these facts together to work out what rally happened, despite appearances to the contrary.